Astro-NEWS: Twin-Grand-Trine of Planets in July 2013 (and the Harmonic Convergence!)

Not sure about the Harmonic Convergence  – coming up on 25th July – but there is a brilliant `twin-grand-trine’ of planets about to occur between 17th -20th  July 2013…that’s going to be very good news for everyone!

Background on Harmonic Convergence 1987

Back in 1987, the whole World (of spiritual people?) started to talk about  `Harmonic Concordance’ – world’s first globally synchronized meditation. It was suggested by José Arguelles,  calling for people to gather near sacred sites  on August 16th and 17th to “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle.” . That coincided with a grand trine of planets!

And guess what? On 25th July 2013 (in a few weeks), the 26 years of this phase comes to an end …More specifically, 25th July 2013 happens to be the `Day out of Time’ (” .. it is a day that belongs neither to the last cycle or the next one.  It is a day of stillness, the birth place for Creation to renew Itself.  Certain days hold the ability to activate and amplify intentions; this is one such day where we can place our intentions of peace and love to initiate the new mayan year and beginning of the next 26,000 year cycle..”    (see website Sacred Destination. Link below)

I won’t go into the details of the  `hell’ cycles of the Mayan Calendar. But I do like to go in to the Grand Trine that is about to happen astrologically – for all of us here and now on Earth to see and experience!

Details of Grand Trine  20-22 July 2013

A grand trine occurs astrologically, when 3 or more planets are forming trines between them (120 degrees) and are at the 3 apexes of the triangle.  In this case, we have 4 planets forming 2 sets of the grand trine.  Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter & Mars in Cancer are forming the Grand trines.  (see diagram). Of course they don’t all click into exact positions in the same moment. This one takes place over 2 days!

twin-grand-trines of planets & Harmonic Convergence  in  july 2013 (c) Mani Navasothy
twin-grand-trines of planets & Harmonic Convergence in july 2013 (c) Mani Navasothy

The timing of this is as follows:

1.  17th July – Jupiter -trine- Saturn (at 17:31 hrs gmt)-

2. 18th July- Jupiter- trine-Neptune (at 00:14hrs gmt)-

3. 19th July- Neptune-trine-Saturn (13:20hrs gmt) –  (first grand-trine completes).

4. 20th July – Mars -trine-Neptune (19:42 hrs gmt) –

5. 20th July- Mars-trine-Saturn ( 21:34 hrs gmt)- (second grand trine completes).

[6. 22nd July-  Mars conjuncts-Jupiter (7:35hr gmt) ]

Important Notes:

– Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter & Mars are more or less at 4’50” in Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer respectively!

-As Mars and Jupiter effectively occupy the same apex of the two sets of trines, I have personally called this `Twin-Grand-Trine’  (as opposed to the `double-grand-trines where 6 planets are forming 2 sets of grand trines, as it happened in 2012).

-Few days after the Grand trines, Mars and Jupiter (effectively at one apex of the triangle) actually have a conjunction.  It is as if, after they have each formed a grand-trine with the other 2 planets (Neptune & Saturn), they themselves exchange those energies to lock the energies of the trines in (we are talking astrology & esoteric energies here!)

-Just after the first of the aspects (Jupiter-trine-saturn) has taken place, Uranus starts to retrograde. So although the trine’s positive influence will be `showered’ on all, it may not seem like it as many people will more likely be experiencing the disruptive energies of the Uranus retrograde (which will start to build up before the day itself).

– All these aspects take place while Mercury is already retrograding. But the good news is, just after the last aspect of the grand trine (mars-trine-neptune), Mercury does go direct! So although the beginning of these grand trines may not feel like they were starting positively (though they are), the culmination will feel like a positive shift.

Belated Convergence?

So by the time the esoteric & new age people mark and do events on the 25th July, these grand-trines will have completed themselves (2 days to spare!).  If it were me suggesting to the world when to have a global day of meditation and `Harmonic Convergence’ of all the people, I;d say do it on the 22nd July, just as the Jupiter-Mars- conjunction occurs and brings the energies of the two grand trines together!!   25th July is too late already to directly tun into the trines..  but it may be that, everyone’s awareness and thoughts towards Harmonic convergence will be intensifying (due to social media shares!) ..and that will be how the trine energies will be influencing people..

Well, that’s all the data and practical aspects of this grand-trine. But what does it actually mean energy wise?

I’ll cover that in another blog in a day or so.. (bit late at night now…sleep beckons) and we have 15 days to go yet!)

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-Mani Navasothy


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6 thoughts on “Astro-NEWS: Twin-Grand-Trine of Planets in July 2013 (and the Harmonic Convergence!)

  1. Thanks for your explanation. I plan on manifesting the next 29 years of my life during this time. I have a lot of spiritual work left to do and I am “of a certain age” and time is not on my side. Peace and light to you>>>

    1. Nice of you to comment Singing Hawk. Next 29 years? Sounds like you are completing one Saturn cycle and starting the next 🙂 This is a really positive energising time.. (and you may know that I also dabble in all that Quantum-magic stuff).. So I say work out the plan..tap into these stellar energies…and power your self again …and live a long healthy life…more 🙂

  2. this was really helpful, thank you. im a 7 degree cancer in my 7H and my partners venus and mars conj my cancer, so all currently conj transiting Jupiter. my natal Jupiter is also conjunct transiting Saturn. just like you said it seems to have not started out well, due to the disruptive energies and mercury rx has complicated things a lot… so im really hopeful for mercury direct, and what you’re saying that the culmination will feel like a positive shift. that is good. especially with the full moon. it will be in my 1st.

    1. Hia. Thanks for reading and writing this comment back. Jupiter will be at 7′ Cancer on 27th July so that energy is building for you 🙂 But on that same day, Mars (in Cancer) is going to opposition with Pluto.. so that may cause intensity..of some sort, a conflict that will need balancing and compromising.. (and as Mars & pluto are involved.. watch out for related matters in areas of love, sex and power struggles…) Pluto powers deeply..but Mars is the spearhead that will pierce through and make a transformation. 🙂 Best wishes. -Mani

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