Kate’s ovedue: Astro-potential of the upcoming Royal baby

Windsor Royal Child-July 2013 -art-Mani Navasothy
Windsor Royal Child-July 2013 -art-Mani Navasothy

Kate’s overdue for delivering the future King/Queen of the country ..but only by human standards! She’s right on time by Fate’s clock I say!

In 2 days (17th July to 20th July, then 22nd July) some brilliant astrological transits (grand trines) are about to take place.. and I think the child will be born in that time.. and dare I say, he/she will possess incredible astrological potential for making the world a better place.. more so than Diana or William..

I may live long enough to see that over the next many decades..or not. Doesn’t matter. I am blooming (!) excited about this ..from an astrological point of view. Simple because, any child born in the next week or so (not just the Royal one for Prince William & Kate Windsor) is coming into this world on a most auspicious astrological time.  It’s all happening and linking the sun-sign of Cancer, which is what the new Royal baby is going to be..(unless s/he is born after 22nd July..in which case it’ll be a Leo).

(take a look at my blog on grand trine july 2013 & the Convergence).

Windsor Hern ritual connection

Some years ago, some of us in Hern’s Tribe (our outdoor ritual group..now in it’s 9th year) started doing an old custom..of performing a Windsor-Hern ritual, for the well-being of this land..  (they did it for the well-being of Royalty..but we changed it to a Sovereignty of Land ritual).  In fact, the very firstone we did happen to coincide with Prince Charles & Camilla’s wedding (well, they moved their wedding date by a day later, and that then fell on the day that we had scheduled to do the ritual.. in 2005).   Here’s the link for that page in Hern’s Tribe.

I’ve been planning to `keep our promise’ to Hern, and do the ceremony in Wondsor soon (haven;t done it this year yet)…and this occassion seems ideal for that now..  Sometime in the coming 2-3 weeks..  just as we head into Leo, and also Lammas (Harvest festival of Pagans).

Watch this blog for updates…on when we’ll be doing that Ceremony in Windsor Great Park (may be short notice)..

-Mani Navasothy


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One thought on “Kate’s ovedue: Astro-potential of the upcoming Royal baby

  1. Just been in the garden, making preparations for tomorrow’s river Thames ritual `Birthday of Goddess Isis ritual (17th july is the `night of the cradle’ when Egyptian Sky goddess Nut gave birth to goddess Isis). And it hit me that it will be quite a magical synchronous event…if the Royal baby is born tomorrow or the next day (thursday 18th July). Am sure the Royals won’t call her `Isis’, but for all intends and purposes, this may well be Isis-incarnate… 🙂 So many things are slowly moving into place… Lest f all, let us not forget, `Isis’ means `throne’ 🙂 -Mani

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