Celebrating Birthday of Goddess Isis (by river Thames) 17th July2013

Birth of Goddess Isis - art (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

Birth of Goddess Isis  (and sky goddess Nut)- art (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

Celebrating Birthday of Goddess Isis – by Cleopatra’s Needle, London..   All welcome!!    17th July is celebrated as the Birthday of Isis (Night of the Cradle). It is when Sky Goddess Nut gives birth to Isis. And we are holding an open celebration ritual in Central London on 17th July 2013 to mark this sacred event. (part of the `Thames-Isis rituals 2013 byTamesa London Circle. see below for links).

Gather at Cleopatra’s Needle, Victoria-Embankment at 7.00 pm on this day. The ceremony & social will take place at this location..which has the Obelisk that is over 2000 years old and has previous stood in Egypt, before being gifted to Great Britain in the 17th century.

Date: Wednesday 17thJu;y 2013
Time: Gather 7.00pm onwards (event ends by 8pm. we may stay and socialise afterwards).

venue: Cleopatra’s needle, Victoria-Embankment (nearest tubes – Embankment.. 5 min walk).

Ceremony outline:

A decorative altar with Sky Goddess Nut and a concealed statue of Isis will be set up.

Element consecrations (incense, lantern, salt/water).

Isis called by her many names! This will be a chant led by Mani and all repeat.

Isis is revealed.

Milk & flower Ceremony – all bath statue in milk), followed by offering of flowers.

Food & drinks blessed and shared.

Collected Milk & flowers offered to river Thames

Tide & Safety:

At the time of this ritual, river Thames will be in high-tide. So we will NOT go down the shores. We will not use the steps by Cleopatra’s needle as it will be very slippery. Organisers take no responsibility for anyone doing so!)

What to bring:
-Food & drinks to share (remember it’s a public place.. by the main road! Not sure about public consumption of alcohol. You are responsible for what you bring!).

-Flowers and any offerings (to keep on altar)

-Only flowers & milk will be offered to the Thames!


As it is a public place, there will be other passers-by, who may take photos or watch. That is accepted by the organisers, in the spirit of celebrating the Birthday of Isis 🙂

As we will be in a public place, and we will be seen as representing pagans / paganism, organisers ask all to be in good public behaviour. And not to get involved in other matters / conflicts which may disrupt the ritual. If our safety is deem to be at rik by circumstances, organisers will request all participating to move to another location on the evening.. (just follow Mani’s lead!)

-Mani Navasothy (facilitator)

Update for  2016  We will be continuing these Thames-Isis rituals in 2016.    The `Blessing of the Fleet: Isias Navigatum’ will take place on 6th March 2016.  (see link below to our meetup);  The Birthday of Goddess Isis will take place on 17th July 2016 (links below).


Isidias Navigatum- Goddess Isis Blessing of the Fleet Ritual 2016 (by Thames)

Sunday, Mar 6, 2016, 1:00 PM

Richmond Riverside
Richmond, Surrey TW9 1EJ, GB

2 London Outdoor Pagans Attending

This annual ceremony was held at the start of the Spring time in Ancient Egypt, to gain the blessings of Goddess Isis upon the ships and boats (Fleet) – so that they may go forth, find commerce, resources and wealth and bring them back.  You will have heard the saying, `waiting for my ship to come in’ – a saying that indicates a person waiting for …

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Birth of Goddess Isis & Wicca Full moon ritual (July 2016)

Sunday, Jul 17, 2016, 4:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

1 London Outdoor Pagans Attending

This is a special Wicca Full moon Ritual gathering-  as it falls on the annual `Birth of Goddess Isis’ day. As such we will be combining the 2 into one grand ceremony, and hold it by river Thames (instead of our Woodland spot).Our 4th annual Celebration of The Night of the Cradle: Birth of Goddess Isis’ will take place just prior to the Full moon …

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