Thames-Isis Rituals in London (2013)

Thames-Isis rituals will be held  in central London this year (2013).  Here are some preliminary info art works created for them.

Thames-Isis (Tamesis) Rituals in London

We are planning to explore the mysteries and magic of the Goddess Isis in a series of rituals to be held by the banks of river Thames in London. (Tamesis is an old name of river Thames, and supposedly  means `Thames-Isis’).

Thames Isis Rituals 2013
Thames Isis Rituals 2013

Dates & Rituals:

Saturday 3rd March : Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony (Isidias Navigatum).  Ritual outline (tbc): A statue of the Goddess will be carried to the water, where flowers-wreathed women may offer mirrors so that she may see her beauty. Priests will pour milk on the sands from a pitcher shaped like Isis’s breast, then  sprinkle the statue with precious perfumes. As the final part of the ritual, a small replica boat will be filled with spices and sent (out to sea) as an offering to the Goddess Isis.

NEW date added:    7 th July’13.     Submerging Sekhmet : a 7-7 London protection ceremony (waterloo bridge area.    Meet by Cleopatra’s needle, Embankment, at 7pm. )

Wednesday 17th July: Birthday of Isis (Night of the Cradle). Sky Goddess Nut gives birth to Isis.-– (update)  This ritual will be a scaled down event on that evening by Thames.  And we’ll be providing additional resources for everyone to mark and celebrate it everywhere!  (or by your local river-sides!). 

Saturday 16th November: (Full moon)  Quests of Isis: searching, mourning and the finding of Osiris.  (This is the `Samhain equivalent).

All Welcome to attend, to contact us and contribute with your creativity, knowledge & magic for these new explorations..

Tamesa London Circle presents `Thames-Isis' rituals.    Isis & Osiris (c) Mani Navasothy2013
Tamesa London Circle presents `Thames-Isis’ rituals. Isis & Osiris (c) Mani Navasothy2013

About this art/ photo

The above is a statue that the late Maureen Brown (Psychologist, Professional Counsellor, High Priestess of Wicca) gave me as a gift many years ago. It depicts a form of Osiris and his wife Isis.  I have used a backdrop of a view of the river Thames (looking to the west from the Millennium Bridge) for this graphics. The moon is a photo that I had taken and was added to this graphics – but here’s the thing .. there really was a full moon in this river view photo in that exact spot (but it was not detailed and rather small).  The statue was kept literally on the key boards of my laptop (with backdrop photo on screen) and lit by a table-lamp in just the right way to create the `moon light’.   The whole thing was then obviously photographed and re-worked digitally to create this finished art.  🙂

ps. The blue `space’ background in the top photo is also an art work I created (last year)..every pixel of it drawn by me!

Feel free to copy / share the art works – as long as you give due credit. Ta 🙂

-Mani Navasothy



Submerging Sekhmet – a London protection ceremony for 7th July’13 <– (new link)

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10 thoughts on “Thames-Isis Rituals in London (2013)

  1. i would love to be there as well on the 17/07/13. Can i have more details ,like where shall we meet and at what time . Thank you in advance…

  2. i would love to be there for the 17/07/13.i am new at it. Can you give me more details like the hour and where exactly shall we meet. should i bring anything? Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Hi Soraya,
    there’s been a few changes. We have added a new ritual for 7th July’13….A 7-7 Submerging Sekhmet for protection of London’ ceremony. Because if this, the 17th July Birthday of Isis’ ritual will be a scaled down small event (It will still go ahead, as I realise cancelling rituals after promising them to the Deities is not wise 🙂 I’ll post details here next week as soon as it’s been finalised. .. Thanks..

    1. i am coming on the 7th of july as well…. do i have to bring anything ? or any special things to wear? sorry my questions might be a little stupid but as i am a new follower i wouldn’t like to make mistakes..;)

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