Ashes to Ashes, Dust to dust ..and Light after Death! (The Star-Dust imperative)

We are Star-Dust. Light after Death!  Art (c) Mani Navasothy 2012
We are Star-Dust. Light after Death! Art (c) Mani Navasothy 2012

Few months ago, I was outdoors in front of a ritual fire, in a semi-trance ..chanting! A simple truth came to me – an obvious one that many people know but keep forgetting!

We are Star Dust!

Go back in time to about 4.5 billion years the time of Earth’s formation.. and you’ll find the `solar system’ a chaotic mass of gases and interstellar dust – most of which had to have come from previously exploded star(s).

Only Hydrogen existed in the Universe from the time of Big Bang..  everything else came from all that Hydrogen cooking inside first generation starts and forming heavier elements. We are talking about thermonuclear fusion!   Those first generation stars eventually exploded, and spilled their contents out..far and wide into space.. (the interstellar gases and dust!) . Out of that dust formed second generation of stars and planetary systems like our very own solar system!

So you see..  anything other than Hydrogen in our bodies had to have been formed inside Stars…midst all that  light, heat and pressure!!

We are made of that dust and those ashes (not in the usual being poetic here)..

From light.. to life..

As for light…it’s a form of Electromagnetic radiation..  and there was plenty to begin with…from the time of Big Bang..that is believed to have been the origin of the Universe. Light is a packet of quantum…energy!  And  energy can and does manifest as mass.. (remember Einstein’s equation   Energy = mass x  Speed of  light squared).

Crudely put, the mass of our bodies came from all that light (energy)!   (I am taking a bit of esoteric & poetic license here with Science).

..from Life, to Death and  Light again..!

Well, one day.. billions of years from now, Earth and everything on Earth will be swallowed up by an expanding Star (Sun)..   It is an inevitable event..  !   We mat not be alive to experience it…but whatever ashes of our body left lodged somewhere on Earth… on the ground, in the air, or even as part of a molecule inside another life form …will be back inside a Star again!!

So it was on that Spring equinox night, in snow, in front of an outdoor fire, I changed that infernal doom-of-a phrase `dust to dust..ashes to ashes..’   into `ashes to ashes and light to light..’  because we came from light…and we’ll end up as light..!    All of us…!!

Every time I look up at the night sky and see the stars, I can not help but be amazed… of this truth!

And it saddens me that so many people just chalk this up to some 60’s groovy song .. or a hippie belief..  ! It is actually a scientific fact!   That’s where the song came from!!

-Mani Navasothy

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