Eco-Guardians vs Warriors of the Rainbow? Some evolutionary thoughts

Rainbow Warrior - art- Mani N2013
Rainbow Warrior – art- Mani N2013

Few days ago, a friend wrote the following in her facebook profile:

“There will come a time when the Earth grows sick, and when it does, a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the World, who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it…they will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.      Mission.. Mother Earth..”

My thoughts were spurred on by this, and here was my response:

It’s not so much that the Earth grows sick.. but people are pissing in their own tents!!  What the Earth needs is a bunch of intergalactic bulldozer-space ships to come down and flatten all the fowled up `human tents’ (people and their `products’) and push the whole damn lot over the cliff edge (that would be jettison the whole trace of humanity into the nearest nuclear furnace the Sun). Then the skin of the Earth can heal itself.. !! We humans ..even the wonderful eco-warriors – have gotten that inner-arrogance, where we think we are going to be the grand-saviors of the Earth…  Earth doesn’t need us..and it can exist in many different extreme states…and it will make no difference to it.. But it’s us people who need the ground …soil..water and warmth.. from the Earth!

I was writing it in a sort of tongue in cheek fashion, but trying to express my frustration and despair  at a) how one strand of humanity fowls up the Earth & environment..   and b) another strand thinks it is the savior!   (In all honesty, I would chalk myself closer to the second category!)

I would add the following remarks (seeing I get more space to do so in the blog than in a facebook reply

  • Already a whole bunch of people exist (the tribe) who believe in deed -and- words  ..and they do work to improve matters    [they do things, as well as write about such things to promote/ educate/ increase awareness]..
  • Healing a wound – is not all that simple a concept (or clear cut, rather).  If  a living creature suffers a physical harm or damage, the body will try to repair itself ..But bacteria and other microbes get in and start to make the would worse..  Those microbes are just trying to get on with  their own living!   So with Earth!   If humans have caused  the previous `norm’ to be thrown off balance.. ir more carbon, dirty chemically polluted seas etc..   then some other life forms (other than humans) will take advantage of the `new environment’..  As far as Earth as a whole is concerned, it’s just reached a new balance.. !  Some life forms die, others thrive!   In such scenario, `Healing’ is not required.
  • In some ways, we humans are a natural product of the Earth and evolution. And if we are polluting the planet…then sadly that’s also a result of the evolution (in a round about way).  What’s to say where evolution will go?  Perhaps out of those chemically polluted seas and grounds will emerge a new resilient species or two or hundred?!
  • Finally, I hate to call anything that has a peaceful or altruistic purpose by linking it to war…and warriors! Warriors of the Rainbow  just implies a bunch of multicoloured body-painted warriors going to war!   Let’s call  them something else shall we?    I prefer the name `Earth or Eco-Guardians’   (you can start analysing the word `Guardian’) 🙂

So.. what do you think?

-Mani Navasothy

2 thoughts on “Eco-Guardians vs Warriors of the Rainbow? Some evolutionary thoughts

  1. Yes, this planet doesn’t need us. We need it in its present form. It is part of a larger system so if it all implodes/explodes whatever, the debris/particles will transform into another life form. Nature per se never loses out. Particular lifeforms do. I see the “guardians” whatever they may be called as not tacitly agreeing with the damage that our species is inflicting on other lifeforms in the now. I do not mean this to sound arrogant as I am not at all speciest and this perception may be wrong but humans during this technological age have the capacity to see a lot of the picture, what is happening on a holistic level to the planet and with that knowledge comes responsibility. We cannot halt what adjustments we have instigated up to now but we can halt our misinformed practices because we are a lot more informed now. What we actually know is probably the tip of the iceberg

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