Candles Crowns & Rainbows: A Windsor Spell with Hern for Monarchy’s well-being

Candles & Crowns:

Three generations of us sat together and watched the late Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral coverage on TV today.. from 10.45am till 6pm. Earlier this week, both my sisters had gone on separate queues (one was an all nighter) to pay their respects to Queen laying in State. Mum, Nephews and aunt have also been to see the flowers and Buckingham palace too.

And me? My motivations were different . I went to Windsor Woods yesterday.. to do a private Hern rite, for Protection & Blessing of The Monarchy & Land. It was lovely to see a rainbow yesterday too.. just as I was leaving Windsor. I take that as a good sign.

Rainbow in the sky as I left Windsor (after doing my solo rite in Woods) on 18Sept2022

(For those who don’t know, legend of Hern the Hunter is a mystical pagan god/shaman form that is specifically intertwined with Windsor and Royalty first and foremost! Story goes that an annual Hern ritual done in Windsor keeps the ruling Monarchy and the land and people well! The First time I did that, the event coincided with the Wedding of Prince Charles & Camilla. . or rather their wedding coincided on same day as our ritual back in 2005.)

Windsor-Hern rite for protection of The Monarchy and well-being of the Land. (c) Mani Navasothy . 2022

Day before I had had some spare candles on my mini-altar in Windsor park.. So when my sister asked if we can do a candle for Queen (while watching the Funeral on TV), .. I offered one of my special candles consecrated in Windsor woods to use.

Something else worth mentioning is my 3 day headache. It intensified today and back-ache came up all of s sudden while watching the Tv coverage of funeral.. Even Nurofen didn’t work well.. but it has eased up now.. Am chalking it to some collective energy thing of the funeral …and perhaps a link to Windsor woods.

There are many who don’t like or approve of the Royal family.. Some are even giving predictions that The King will step down in few years or that Royal family in Uk will end soon.. So perhaps me doing Hern-magic for wellbeing of King Charles brings me to field some of that opposition energies..

If so, well, I am doing the work am supposed to be doing.. protecting The King… in my own way, with my magic!

Onwards we go..

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