Archangel magic & Half-day workshop (10th Decmber 2022)

If YOU are getting into any magical explorations, psychic safety is absolutely essential! Even if not directly exploring magic, some people feels they suffer from psychic attacks, or unwanted cord-attachments. Or some feel they are suffering from some spirit/ entity intrusions. Sometimes unknown associations with objects, places or people, or dabbling in magic without safety – can all lead to psychic problems. It can take weeks, months or even years .. for you to notice the effects and detrimental patterns. There’s even possible doubts if it’s real or a psychological issue.

I’ve had so many enquiries on this subject matter, people asking for help or advise. Privately I’ve often written back with helpful advise. People also ask me to directly do purification, cord cutting or other hex removal work for them. That is something I do not undertake.. Instead, I run these practical sessions.. where I can teach, coach and actually help people in a group setting.

In this practical outdoor session, we will be looking at some basic tips & tools that anyone can undertake, to keep themselves fairly safe and protected. I will cover LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram- in easy step by step, so you learn to practice it. (I have free blogs and videos that show these and have been helping people for many years). . We’ll look at the key 4 Archangel sigils, how they are created. (you can take photos of the sigil to take with you and use them at home). Finally, there will by a ritual magical section, where I will do a simple Cord cutting work and flame purification for each person (for those who seek that ). We’ll then ground/ centre before closing the event.
(so please don’t rush off half way through).

I am a Wiccan High Priest who explores High Magic, and use a shamanic approach, as well as my roots of Hindu ceremonial elements.


This session is dealing with low level entity intrusions, cord attachments and general psychic safety & protection – which should be good habits to have on a regular basis. This session is NOT about curse removal or dealing with Hexes. This session is NOT a Healing event (we’ll do that another time).
This session is energy intensive & physically taxing for Tutor. Please arrive with a clear focus, and when serious work is in progress, kindly maintain magical focus, and to focus on the person being helped in that moment.

——— Practical details ———–

Fee: £11.

Join our meetup event (fee payable for rsvp)

Queens woods, Queenswood Road, London N6 6UU.-
This event takes place in an open woodland, with some steep, wet/ muddy grounds. Weather is unpredictable ( we still carry on the event – regardless of any weather conditions).

meeting point: 11.15pm – We will meet outside The Woodman’s pub ( 414 Archway Rd, London N6 5UA).


sensible warm water proof coat/ shoes/clothing.
small ground sheet or blanket to sit on / cover.
Any protection charm/ talisman you keep for your own safety.
If you have any questions, concerns, queries … please send me a private message via meetup well in advance. Please remember that this is a general & open event, and we simply can not go into extensive work for any one person.

Love & Bright Blessings
Wiccan High Priest, Hindu & Shamanic practitioner

meetup event link:

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