AstroAlert: End of Uranus(r) squaring Saturn(r).. 7th Oct 2022

AstroAlert. Uranus (r) Square Saturn (r).

Last year, this aspect happened 3 times!!! On 17th Feb (both planets were direct); On 14th June (Saturn was retrograding), and on 24th December ( Uranus was retrograding).

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is travelling through Taurus, and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) through Aquarius. So those signs would have had the greatest stresses (double whammy for Aquarius!).

The weeks leading upto those dates (aspects) would have been strongly afflicted by this aspect, with stresses building up.. and months following it, spent dealing with the fall-out or consequences of actions and inactions around those times.

Squares are stressful as most astrologers would agree. But this aspect was particularly testing! Why? As I’ve written on this many times (last year), it’s to do with the areas/ qualities of human spheres these planets influence — for all of us!!

Saturn is a stellar teacher, delivering hard lessons and restrictions, holding you in place with heavy responsibilities. Causing you to work through shadows, and edging you to build stability and long term structures… once you get those shadows integrated and in control.. Uranus is the one breaking chains, instigating rebellions, freedom-seeking, taking risks, governing sudden changes – shocks and surprises. Highlighting use of technology and innovations.

As you can see. at the heart of it, these planets govern opposite forces.. One holding you in place. Other forcing you towards seeking freedom. So a square aspect between these two is highly stressful.. where you become a battleground of impulses to stay or run!
Until and unless you resolve those opposing impulses, the battle within continues!

And we’ve had 3 of those last year! Leading right into Yule / Xmas time.. And the months in 2022 so far have been about taking stock.. settling with those energies..

And just to make sure that we all learnt our hard lessons, settled between which responsibilities to hold firmly, and which chains we want to break… the aspect *almost* repeats itself.. NOW!

It is not exact.. and infact about 0’37” short of an exact 90′ degrees for it to be a square. But it comes close enough.. and due to the retrograde motions of both planets in question.. the duration stretches over 4-5 days. I calculated that tues 4th to friday 7th October is when it’s closest (but not exact). Then the gap between Uranus & Saturn starts to widen.

So .. think of the issues that overshadowed last year 2021, and the one that has threaded just beneath awareness for the spring/ summer times so far.. and bring it to light.. Take some firm decisions… and process them over coming few days and certaintly pin them down once and for all over coming month.. And the inner struggles will end.. stability and peace returns.. along with some freedom!

In recent weeks, other aspects have also been playing out.. mainly Jupiter-semi-square-Uranus.. last week.. (and that will repeat once more this year.. on 24th December no less.. As both Jupiter and Uranus influence movement, expansion, freedom, adventure.. it’s a related issue but park that for now.

For now, deal with the matters of stability, responsibility, authority & leadership issues, be aware of the push-pull matters, and lessons that fate has been rubbing your nose in..

And in a few weeks, we can move towards the freedom/ expansion concerns..

Bright Stellar Blessings

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