Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Advance notice.. Outdoor `Spellcraft & Magic’ workshop in 3 weeks time. (on Saturday 12th November). This is a solid 4 hr session (12pm to 4pm) where we simply cover a lot of relevant content.

You’ll learn and do practical work on candle magic, cord magic, 1 healing spell, and absorb intro talks on other key types of magic – such as oils, herbs, image & poppet magic, sex magic, witch bottles and so on. We’ll be covering ethics & principles of magic and magical safety.

No one else in London runs such a hands on workshop.. and we do this only once or twice a year. So not to be missed (especially at such a hugely affordable Early Bird Fee £13 (pay by secure paypal) .

Am sure you are wondering – Why so `cheap’ and is this a trick/ gimmick?? Out there, we see so much scams and flashy tactics/ gimmicky courses for huge fees.. We see strangers teach this stuff in a dry fashion.. and that can be harmful.

So we as initiated Witches / Priest & Priestess, feel a responsibility, heed our calling to teach and serve.. And We run these to share our practical Witchy knowledge and experiences (both good & bad ones) so that it can help others.. Our Fees are kept absolutely low .. only to cover our basic running costs (costs of candles, cords, travel & our babysitter expenses!) We like to keep it genuine and down to earth. (even the poster is made of photos of our real past events and our own tools so that it translates real energy.. hey that’s a bit of image magic!!)

So if you’ve been on the edges wanting to learn the basics of Spellcraft & Magic, here’s an opportunity. Not just for magical contents 1st had, but also connection to us and to other students.

We hope to see you there soon

Bright Blessings.

Mani & Freya

ps. you can rsvp to our meetup event, or just follow ticket link and book with fee, and we’ll contact you directly by e-mail. That way you are not bound to any social media and your attendance is kept private.

meetup event link

Direct paypal fee £13 link

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