Jupiter enters Aries (again) Today 20th December 2022

Astro alert / Good news

Jupiter arrives back in firey Aries on 20th December 2022.. just in time for Winter Solstice on 21st Dec.

(warning- on 22nd dec, Jupiter forms a square with Sun at 00:50hrs. This can make the day prior to it – ie 21st feel edgy and irritable, volatile, even a tad bit aggressive as there’s jarring firey energies aat work. And on 24th at 00:43hrs, Jupiter forms a semi-square with Uranus. The current stresses behind the scenes that people can sense is due to that one culminating on the early hours of 24th. After that energies will feel more easy).

Now Jupiter has already been in Aries for a while earlier in 2022 ( between 11th May to 28th October. Whatever processes that have been instigated in that time, albeit with challenges when Jupiter was retrograding in Aries ( 28th July to 28th October) will now have a potential to develop further.. If that period was challenging, then be wise this time around .. Use the same energy / potentials.. but take a slightly wiser route to success.


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