Archangel invocations for Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel (by Mani)

Dear all below are the 4 Archangel invocations I recently wrote for an upcoming Winter Solstice ritual (am facilitating for our `London Woodland Witches Yule 2022).

Work Stolen from me.

As many know I have had an interest in angelic magical working for some years now, and did an extensive blog on How to create Archangel sigils (High magic). That was back in April 2015. I have to chuckle at seeing so many pinterest posts sharing my graphics (sadly no acknowledgement or credit to me.. even though those graphics have my name right in the middle of it!!) And some people have been using it in their own blogs, using my graphics.. and worse I even see various etsy sites offering jewelry that uses my precise sigils (I recognise my own sigils and their proportions which are unlike anything else found online then or now.. because I literally showed my working of how to create them!!). Well, at first I used to get annoyed.. but I put that info out in full for people searching for magical help from archangels.. So it’s a sideways annoyance am willing to put up with.. if my work benefits others

But I do have a lot of even more involved sigil and magical working.. that I am NOT putting online (we learn our lessons!) Those will only be shared in person with my face to face classes and to my own coven members of wicca whom I am teaching, initiating and training.

However, the Archangel invocations I do want to share.. It was a lot of research and work to create these invocations.. and they need to be used by magical people for their own benefit and good life.

Little warning:

Just one thing.. if anyone at all publishes these on their own sites / blogs without a full link back / credit to me, well.. be ready to face some angels who dish out justice and vengeance! (I’ll write about those another time.. yes I have been busy for many years learning and doing healing work and practicing these works.. and I will share them in due course).

So here they are.. the 4 Archangel invocations.

Angel call  à  Ra-Pha-el….!

Raphael, archangel, we call to thee.

Clothed in Emerald Green

Thou art the Healer and Medicine of the God

Patron of married love, doctors and refugees

Give us the Will to heal our bodies and souls

Relieve our suffering

Watch over us in our travels

Guide us in our significant relationships & Soul mates

Hail and welcome Raphael.

Angel call  à  Mi-cha-el…

Michael, archangel we call to thee.

Clothed in Royal blue and gold

Thou art the Protector who is like God

Defender of those who love God

Teach us what is right and wrong, true and false

Give us courage and confidence, sooth our fears

Cut ties to our unwanted past

Heal us from addictions, loss and depressions

Restore our faith, clarity and purpose of life

Hail and welcome Michael.

Angel call  à  Ga-bri- el….

Gabriel, Archangel we call to thee.

Messenger, Clothed in Copper

Thou art the Strength and Power of God

Patron of artists, writers, creators

Bring us the words of the divine

Aid us to listen with a pure heart

Watch over pregnancies, birth and adoptions

Help us push past procrastination

Hail and welcome Gabriel

Angel call  à  Ur-i- el…

Uriel, archangel we call to thee.

Clothed in Gold and yellow

Thou art the light of God

Patron of Students and teachers of spirituality

Give us emotional healing

Show us the thought patterns built on false knowledge

Give us Focus and illumination of ideas

Aid us the ways of being alone but not lonely

And show us the Wonders of our souls

And mysteries of the Universe

Hail and Welcome Uriel

(c) Mani Navasothy. 9th December 2022.

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