(petty) Mind of Divinity: Would gods take sides?

The Mind of divinity?

Someone posted the following in a spiritual group..

various people have posted all sorts of comments in response.. but many fail to see a bigger picture.. a picture we can not ever comprehend..

here is my response.

“Thing is, I don’t believe that a true .. all knowing, all powerful, all pervading god or goddess is into punishing anyone on the basis of vengeance, or taking sides of one human and not another.

A true divine being will consider *all humans* (all beings) to be his-her-its creations.. and will know when one person does something negative (the so called `wrong’ here).

A semi-omnipotent being may be like a human who walks about and squashes ants under-foot unknowingly.. and may go about its work and along the way punish, squash or harm less evolved beings. But a real truly divine being has by that very nature got to be beyond these petty human emotions and whims and concepts of vengeance, retribution, retaliation, punishment and even justice.

If 2 children fight and hurt one another, would a truly kind and compassionate mother smack the shit out of one of her children? Or would she find another way to sooth the wounded child, ..and teach care & responsibility to the other ..without hurting that one and inflicting pain?

Think about this deeply, and we’ll soon realise how much we play at this silly childish games of “I’ll tell my da and he’ll come beat you up’ follies!

It is so sad that so many people humanise and *reduce* truly divine God/Goddess to our human levels .

The whole point of it is.. that we can not fathom the full nature of the divine.! And if and once we know it, we can never return to being humans.. our existence as humans and human whims and concerns will end instantly..

Once someone reaches enlightenment and transcends.. they can not just live amongst humans on earth ..no matter what! They can not see us humans the same way.. they can not take sides or play favoritism..

If the dead, the ancestors are anywhere even remotely along those levels and realms.. their spirits aren’t going to take our petty sides and squabbles of egos.. and smack our foes.. They too will see all of life in different (divine) way…

These are my thoughts on this matter..



(I originally posted the above in facebook on 6th January 2023 in `Unity of Light’ group)

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