Full Moon in Cancer (brewing today!)

A Full moon in the sign of Cancer..brewing now.. !

Full Moon in Cancer 16Jan14 -Mani Navasothy
Full Moon in Cancer 16Jan14 -Mani Navasothy


It will have culminated by  4.52am (gmt) today (16th January 2014)..

The moon rules the sign of Cancer..and this is a Full moon..  So for all Moon-worshippers, this one is very special..  and more so for those who have  Cancer as their Moon-sign..   That’s their lunar birthday!!    (except it happens every month..when moon returns to same spot as it was at time of birth…But a full moon on same spot will highlight many of that house position..)

For all of you – Psychic sensitivity, emotional bubbling, mood swings, being touchy..as well as feelings of the past, thoughts of the mother, home, and evoked sense of nurturing..are likely!  Well, some of it…will be relevant to some of you..!!

Mani Navasothy


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