Hymn to Pan – a video performance

Hymn to Pan is one of the most famous creations by the English Occultist & Ritual magician Aleister Crowley. He wrote this in 1913 (published in 1919). I had first seen this poem performed by the late Wiccan Elder Zachary Cox, at a Pagan Picnic in Queen' Woods, High Gate, North London.. (2006?). I have … Continue reading Hymn to Pan – a video performance

A Momentary thought (on Death)

A momentary thought... (on Death) There will come a moment.. where you'll fall and never rise again.. you'll lay flat.. eyes closed..mind open.. sounds and sensations old and new.. experiences will flash past.. fast and slow.. faded memories of decades ago will dance..and voices nearby will seem far and strange.. where you are and were...will … Continue reading A Momentary thought (on Death)

A Prelude to Imbolc

-- A Prelude to Imbolc ----------------- Some stories end.. Sometimes sadness descends for no reasons known.. and shadows just rise and cloak us..and choke us.. MidWinter may have passed and Sun-child may be born.. But we are entering the deepest part of winter..this.. now.. And here we plea to the Winter-Goddess to loosen her grip … Continue reading A Prelude to Imbolc

Breaking Hearts maketh our Future

Breaking Hearts maketh our Future (c) Mani Navasothy The battle for our future is not decided by aliens & humans, nor by saints or soldiers, politicians or eco-activists... but by the human heart - not when it is happy but when it is breaking! That is when the measure of a man or women is … Continue reading Breaking Hearts maketh our Future

Be Brave of the Warrior within

Be Brave of the Warrior within  - Empowerment poetry by Mani Navasothy Be Brave of the Warrior within There is much in this crazy world that needs and deserves the protection of the Warrior within. It is a fire to be embraced, not feared and banished or oppressed out of shame, Or a desire for … Continue reading Be Brave of the Warrior within