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Photo of post-Full Moon, Jupiter & Orion’s Belt

Moon & Jupiter 30Nov12 0258hrs gmt south-west sky

Here’s a photo I just took of the South-Western sky (from London)- Today’s day 30th November 2012 – at 02:58hrs gmt.

It shows the post-full moon (over exposed and causing a lense flare!)…and to the right of the moon, the brightest spot is planet Jupiter.

And to the lower left of the moon is Orion the Hunter…you can clearly see his belt!

It’s an average digital camera I used..  I set it in a tripod and set on manual mode (so it takes as long as it takes for an exposure..and t took a good 5 second exposure – hence the dark sky looks almost day-light…due to over exposure..  from moon light and light pollution of course!)  Oh,to avoid hand-shake of camera, I also set the timer for 2 seconds..pressed the button and waited.. (3mega pix settting).



Saturn: Peering into the Storm (on 27Nov2012)

709337main_N00198348-43 – Saturn from the pole 27nov2012 (c) NASA

Here’s a brilliant photo of the planet Saturn..

Peering into the Storm

This image from NASA’s Cassini mission was taken on Nov. 27, 2012, with Cassini’s narrow-angle camera. The camera was pointing toward Saturn from approximately 224,618 miles (361,488 kilometers) away. This image has not been validated or calibrated.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

-Mani Navasothy

ps. hey this is a special photo- cos it was taken on the day of my birthday 🙂


Occultation of Jupiter by Full Moon – NOW!

Full moon in Gemini, about to pass over Jupiter (Lunar Occultation of Jupiter)
Taken 28th Nov’12 – about 23.00hrs gmt.
Photo (c)Mani Navasothy.

I love winter – skies are almost clearer, and the stars and planet-watch can begin again (okay so a bit cold..but wrap up warm and have a flask of coffee with ya..). And today is a brilliant one..!

Lunar Occultation of a planet is when the moon covers over a planet that is behind it.

This is no different to a Solar Eclipse, when the (new) moon covers the Sun behind it..

Interestingly, earlier today we had a penumbral lunar eclipse (full moon in gemini was partially covered by the shadow of the earth..) It took place at 14:34hrs gmt and could not been seen in UK..  but this night…(well, 29th Nov as it will be past midnight)..  the full moon moves over the planet Jupiter at about 01:04hrs gmt.

I have just been in the garden taking photos by an ordinary digital camera, and as you can see, the full moon is edging closer to the planet Jupiter (that’s the white spot on the left of the full moon!)

Those of you doing eclipse magical work..  this day is a spectacular double whammy – because not only do you get a Lunar Eclipse, but now a `Jupiter eclipse’

get out there now..  as you have time to look at it.. 🙂

The clouds are moving fast.. so even if it’s cloudy, keep watching… 🙂

Good luck

-Mani Navasothy

ps. hey, the whole thing `looks’ like it’s happening right above my room 🙂 That’s my room lights you see in the photo.

pps. There is one more Lunar Occultation of Jupiter left for this year..and it takes place on 26th December’12-    exactly 2 days before a cancer-full moon!  I bet Christmas is going to be  a very jovial, bubbly wonderful time.. !


Lunar Occultations (explanations & dates for 2012) 

eclipse magic website

eclipse magic workbook (kindle ebook on Amazon)

The Real Sun-Signs of modern era

I am an Astrologer – that means I look at the stars and planets and believe that their movements out there in space somehow affects and influences my life here on planet Earth.

Yes, there’s a whole load of arguments about if the starts determine everything, then do we have free will?  And if we know what’s going to happen (through astrology), how can we change it? Surely everything is `fated’ so what’s the point in free will? etc etc.  Well, that’s a debate worth having – another time. Just like, `is God real’? and if so, is God good or evil…(because if God is good, then why does he or she or it allows bad things to happen to us? etc) That’s definitely a debate worth having.. without getting into `because  it says so in some  book or a Prophet said so, or because a Saint believed so etc).

This one is about astrology – especially one where we have been accepting that every month our Sun `travels’ through a different background of stars (Zodiacs).. For so long we have believed there are 12 signs to the western astrological system. (By we, I mean people..and for many hundreds of years).  And many already know that the zodiacs (Constellations) are not of equal size in width across the celestial equator (where the Sun travels along).

But did you know that it’s really way off now? Because, over 3,000 years the earth axis of rotation has changed, and so the starts that line up the celestial equator are slightly `off’ now..

I found out just by how much in a NASA website!  This is the latest measures..  If you were born in the 70’s or 60’s or 50’s or even in 1800’s.. this still applies…because all that is still `modern and present day’ by cosmic standards..

This is all because those Babylonians left out one of the signs (of the 23) to fit things in nice and equal …even in their times..

This is how long the Sun takes to travel through Constellations now..  (credit to Dr.Dr. Lee T. Shapiro, Director
Morehead Planetarium University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)    Source of info:


Constellation Dates Number
of Days
Sagittarius Dec 18 – Jan 18 32
Capricornus Jan 19 – Feb 15 28
Aquarius Feb 16 – Mar 11 24
Pisces Mar 12 – Apr 18 38
Aries Apr 19 – May 13 25
Taurus May 14 – Jun 19 37
Gemini Jun 20 – Jul 20 31
Cancer Jul 21 – Aug 9 20
Leo Aug 10 – Sep 15 37
Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 30 45
Libra Oct 31 – Nov 22 23
Scorpius Nov 23 – Nov 29 7
Ophiuchus Nov 30 – Dec 17 18

So erm, if you thought you were a particular Sun-Sign, think again..   And it’s going to give a head ache to all the astrologers, sadly. It’s bad that the scientists already give astrologers a hard time ..but this sort of thing pushes forecasts and even chart analysis a bit `unbelievable’.

Truth is, astrology is – despite working with real stellar objects that have measurable cycles – an esoteric system. It’s not hard science.  but it is hard-boiled Esoterica. It works with established rules,  formulae, predictions, qualities..and intuition.

Well, that’s the kind of astrology I do anyway..

More on this topic later.


Retrograde Venus transits the Sun: graphical explanation

Following on from the detailed  3-Dimensional graphics I created to `show’ the way Earth & Moon move around, and how their different positions create the shadows we we (Eclipses), I thought Venus transit deserved a graphics too 🙂

Every diagram in the internet shows `what we will see. .. a picture of the Sun-disc, and Venus as a black spot moving from top-left  across the sun to the right.  But no one has said why?

Normally – from our Earth’s point of view (if we take north pole as `up’) planets move `clockwise’  around the Sun.  If Venus moved that way too, then from our point of view- we will see the transit as going from right hand to left hand part across the Sun.

But of course, at the moment, Venus is `retrograding’. This means it’s going backwards. Not really but it `seems’ that way to us on Earth.  A good example is if you are in a train that’s just leaving the station, and you look out…and  you see another train leaving the station at next platform.  But if your train’s speed is faster than he other train, that one will suddenly look like it’s going `backwards’ – even though both train are going forward. This is an optical illusion of relative perspective of two objects. Same is happening with Earth going around Sun, and Venus.

(You can imagine the headache Albert Einstein must have had, trying to imagine light beams and other objects travelling in space..  as he came up with those Theories of Relativity!)

So Venus IS seemingly going backwards, and so we see the transit of venus across the Sun …from left to right- only for the 6th June 2012. 🙂



Also read about Data for Venus transit

Lunar Eclipse: Explanation graphics of orbits & shadows

We often see so many `figures’ an `diagrams’ in science and technical books or websites..  But not many people actually try to explain what we see and why we see it that way.  So I have created this graphics to show the orbits of Earth around the Sun, and the orbit of moon around Earth (us)..

This clearly shows positions of the Moon around the Earth, what those positions of Moon mean in terms of Lunar phases (new moon, first  quarter, full moon, last quarter) etc.   This is a `view from space’ – if you like.

But in this graphics, I have tried to also show -in the 2 `box screens’   – what the flat-image will be of the Solar eclipse. Same for the lunar eclipse – except, you are looking at  the back of the `screen’ in this graphics.  From Earth, we’ll see the front of the `screen’ and that will be a reverse of the image.

Just take a few minutes to look at this graphics, put your finger on each object (Sun, Moon, earth) and move it in the orbit..  to get a feel of it.  That may help you work out what happens and what we see from Earth.



Astronomical Data & visibility Map for Transit of Venus: What, where and how long

Hi all,

here’s a fabulous world map / data by Fred Espenak of NASA.   (His website is one I use regularly for a lot of astronomical data, especially Eclipses…and now for this. If you are quoting this or him, please  due acknowledgement to Fred Espenak.  Thank you)

Global visibility map – Transit of Venus – June 2012 by Fred Espenak of NASA

Transit of Venus- what is it and how does it happen:

Venus transit (and eclipses) are all similar..   In Solar Eclipses, the moon comes between us on earth and blocks the Sun for a bit.  In transit of venus, the planet Venus comes and blocks the Sun out. except because the Venus is further away from us, but closer to the Sun, it doesn’t `seem’ to cover the whole of the Sun..  It just appears as a small spot passing across (in front) of the Sun.

Because of orbits, geometry (relationship between shapes, distances, angles) and speeds of planetary motion,  the transit of Venus  `happens’ (for us!) twice every century (once, then 8 years later, then next century).   After 6th June’12, next transit of venus will be in the year 2117 (unless you have the secrets of long life, you won;t live to see it again).   The last time this event occurred (as it happens on pairs) was on June 8, 2004.

Time variations Why?

Stellar events (like planets moving) take time.  The Transit of venus is – simply put- us from Earth viewing the Sun and Venus. Planets are moving around the Sun in different orbits (circular or elliptical paths).   Because of the geometry of shapes and distances involved (ie planets are spheres, and distances between Sun, venus  & earth are vast!), what we view from earth changes. Specifically, where on Earth you are located makes a big difference to the exact image you will see..   It’s a bit like watching the Football in a field being kicked about – what you see depends on where about in the auditorium / seats you are at.   It’s one event (the ball moving on the ground.. but thousands of people watch it from different parts of the stadium..).

 Visibility of transit of venus

Anyway, when the transit of venus starts, it will be different times..  for different parts of the world (time zones).  Here’s the thing- for some people, it will actually be middle of the night!  That means they can’;t see the Sun (!), and if ya can;t see the Sun, you can’t see Venus going in front of the Sun.   In the map attached, you can see the shaded parts of the world  `No transit visible’. If you are in one of those counties, or parts of those countries, alas, you are having night time..  so you won;t see it.  (parts of South America, parts of Africa).   For everyone else, the transit of venus is visible..   at least the beginning, middle, or end of the transit.

For the people in Australia, for example, the time happens to be Sunrise..when transit of venus starts…Lucky them.- they get to see the whole event…from beginning  to end.  For those of us in UK, as Sunrise occurs (our time), the transit is almost over, but we still get to see the end of it..

Start & End times (Universal Time equals GMT for all intends and purposes)

In the NASA site, Fred Espenak gives times for this transit as below.  I have added simple *explanations of what we `see’

    Phase         +Time         *Explanation (by Mani Navasothy)

 Contact I      22:09:38  (outer edge of Venus first `touches' the Sun's edge).
 Contact II     22:27:34  (whole of Venus first fully `inside the Sun disc).
 Greatest       01:29:36  (Venus in the mid-part of transit).
 Contact III    04:31:39  (edge of Venus starts to come `out of the Sun' disc)  
 Contact IV     04:49:35  (trailing end of Venus fully `leaves' the Sun disc).

+Don’t forget your local `summer time adjustments’.   Here in UK,  for example, the `Greatest Transit’  at 01:29 hrs UT/GMT is  seen at local British  Summer time of  02:29 hrs .

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Full data for Solar & Lunar Eclipses in 2012

Hi all,  I thought some actual data is very useful for those of you who just want to observe, or do esoteric / magical work.

All times are `Universal Time (UT) which is for all intents equivalent to GMT.  Universal Time is based on the rotation of Earth on its axis with respect to the Stars!

Some explanations  (types of eclipses):

  • Annular – when the Moon blocks out the Sun and a ring of the Sun can be seen around it.
  • Partial – when only part of the Sun or moon is blocked.
  • Penumbral eclipse:  This is difficult to spot easily, as the object (moon) just gently goes a bit darker or redish.

Annular Solar Eclipse:  20th May 2012

Greatest Eclipse at  23:52 hrs UT      (Duration: 5 min 46 sec).

P1-  20:56 hrs;      P4- 02:49 hrs.

U1 – 22:06 hrs;   U2 – 22:11 hrs;   U3- 01:33 hrs;  U4- 01:39hrs.

Total Solar Eclipse:  13th Nov’12

Greatest Eclipse at 22:11 hrs   (duration: 4min 02 sec).

P1  19:37 hrs;       P2- 21:43;      P3- 22:39;        P4- 00:45;

U1- 20:35;            U2- 20:37;        U3-23:46;        U4-23:48 hrs;

Partial Lunar Eclipse:  4th June’12

Greatest Eclipse at 11:04 hrs   ( 2 hrs 07 min).

P1- 8.48hrs;       U1- 9;59 hrs;       U4- 12:06 hrs;     P4- 13:18 hrs;

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse:  28th Nov’12

Greatest eclipse at 14:34 hrs    (4 hrs 35min).

P1- 12:14 hrs;         P4- 16:50hrs.

Explanation of P1, P2, U1 etc..    Above diagram shows what happens at eclipses, graphically and pictorially. Large light sources (such as the Sun) create 2 types of shadows – the lighter shadow called Penumbra, and the true full shadow (no light) called Umbra. When Earth passes through the shadow, it must go through penumbra, then into Umbra, then  penumbra and finally out of it.  Each of these entry & exit stages have been designated a notation in science. P1 is the time when the Earth begins to enter the outer shadow. U1 is when it enters the full shadow. U2 is when it is fully inside the full shadow, and U3 is when it starts to leave it.  This means the time between U2 & U3 is when it is fully in the dark – `Greatest Eclipse’ (and the duration of this is given in tables above).

Sometimes the stellar object may not pass into the full shadow (umbra). It may skirt through only the penumbra. This happens on the Lunar eclipse of 28th Nov’12, when the moon just passes through Earth’s penumbral shadow only.

All art/ graphics (c) Mani Navasothy/2012

” Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC”


How I made the video: `Solar Eclipse 2012 – StarGate opening’

One of the key magical works that I have been doing personally and developing over the last decade…is working with cosmic portals & gateways.. Well, that’;s what I have been calling it ..until now.. the concepts and imagery for these portals have been quite abstract and intuitive in my mind- psyche. It is only when it comes to writing about it, and teaching it to others that made me think `how can I put this in a better way’? And suddenly I saw a photo of an annular eclipse, and the writing was literally in the Stars. So this video was made to `show ow people exactly what the Star Gate in eclipse magic looks like 🙂

By the way, the `sound track’ for this was entirely created by me..   It’s actually a bit of drumming and a set of small bells. I fed that through a music editing software, adding echo, time-stretch, flanger etc..   and kept  treating it..till it sounded like this.    I was going for some sort of space- eerie music with a twinge of horns or a a `giant’ feel..

Ps. It will be great to hear views from other people who make videos / edit / do graphics / mix sound etc. All graphics used here was done by me.. (for animations, I was feeding frames into windows movie maker..  🙂

Visit website Eclipse Magic for more info 🙂


Eclipse Magic workbook – teaser video

Here’s a new style video I’ve learnt to make- my first ever attempt at doing a `movie teaser’ style video. Graphics used have appeared in Eclipse Magic webinar (held in November 2011). The music was purchased (royalty free license). After trawling through 2 hours of samples, I picked this one.. because of the `News Flash’ feel.. and the high energy fun atmosphere 🙂
There’s another video already made.. I’ll link that in another post. Enjoy the video..and the music.

ps. Here’s the blurb for the upcoming `Eclipse Magic workbook’ .

Every year, there are at least 2 pairs of Eclipses taking place!  We all live through Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and yet few magicians ride the magical currents of Eclipses –  opportunities for doing powerful  magical or psychic work that can be life-changing.Next Solar Eclipse occurs on 20th May, and the lunar one on 4th June.   Learn how to use their science & magic to stellar engineer your life!

This is a world 1st book on Eclipse magic – written by Mani Navasothy, Astrologer, Wiccan High Priest, Psychologist and a Physicist, and above all – a secret practitioner of Eclipse-Magic for over a decade.  The time is now – for sharing that real, personal, experiential knowledge!!   visit to find out more!