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Alien Gods & Paganism in the 25th Century (GT#8 Out NOW)

“The telephone, invented in 1870, has evolved into a global wireless network communication array of mobile phones..that are already on its way to sub-dermal implanted chips!  The Car invented in 1672 has evolved too to become engines & rockets that have already taken a man-made object outside the Solar system!! And computers – originating as concepts only in 1822 – now rule almost every aspect of our lives on Earth and continue to evolve in the direction  of Artificial Intelligence!!

What about Pagan spirituality – that of nature worship, and of Gods & Goddess entities?..”

To read more..  You’ll have to visit GAIAN TIMES – Eco-spiritual e-Magazine (FREE to read if you join the mailing list!!)

Issue #8 has just been uploaded and ready..  for your explorations 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

(Director/ Chief Editor of Gaian Times)

Alien gods -banner (c) Gaian Times & Mani Navasothy 2013
Alien gods -banner (c) Gaian Times & Mani Navasothy 2013

Supermoon- facts & data for 2014-2020

Super-Full Moon!  A beautiful sight, it may be, but is there anything more to this – other than that? Here in the Solar system, we have 9 `planets’ with a huge number of their own satellites (moons) and asteroids, all orbiting the Sun. All sorts of geometrical effects can be viewed from Earth, as a result of all these.  Astronomers don’t get excited much about many of these `events’ – but since Astrology presumes that what happens to stellar bodies has an influence on us and our human lives, astrologers to get excited about various phenomena.

NASA photo of apogee-Perigee (Supermoons)
NASA photo of apogee-Perigee (Supermoons)

Facts We have just had one of these – Supermoon!   It is when the full moon appears to be bigger than average. It can be about 14% bigger (in diameter) and about 30% brighter..than an average full moon!  These occur approximately once every 14 full moons. The next one is on 10th August 2014. The term `Supermoon’ was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, arbitrarily defined as:

“…a new or full moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (perigee). In short, Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth..”   (wikipedia)

Why? The moon is closer to Earth, so it appears bigger and brighter. That’s the observation. But why is it closer to the Earth? The orbit of the moon around the Earth is not circular but elliptical.  The moon completes this orbit once every 29 days, so in that time, at one point, it will be furthest away from the Earth  at about (apogee) at 406,000 km distance , and 14 days later, closest to the Earth (apogee) at 357,000 kilometers from Earth .  So when a full moon  coincides with the point when it is closer to Earth, we call it a Supermoon! (scientific term is  perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system!)

Elliptical earth-moon orbit -ManiN
Elliptical earth-moon orbit  (c) Mani Navasothy

 SUPERMOONS between  2014 to 2020 Here are the dates of the  minimum Perigee (moon closest to Earth)  and nearest Full moon to those dates (Supermoons) ..  f Perigee  data taken from Fred Espenak. Full moon date from The American ephermeris for 2000-2050.   Table created by me (Mani Navasothy)

Year m/d      -Time (gmt)     – perigee distance (km)    – nearest Supermoon date

2014 Aug 10 – 17:43      -356897 km      – Supermoon on 10th August’14

2015 Sep 28 – 01:46       -356877 km      – Supermoon on 28th Sept’15 (also Lunar Eclispse!)

2016 Nov 14 – 11:23       -356512 km      – Supermoon on 14th Nov’16

2017 May 26 – 01:23      -357210 km     – Newmoon on 25th May.  (Nearest  Supermoon 9th June 2017)

2018 Jan 01 – 21:54         -356566 km     – Supermoon on 2nd January’18

2019 Feb 19 – 09:06        -356762 km    – Supermoon 19th Feb’19

2020 Apr 07 – 18:08       -356909 km    – Supermoon 8th April’20

Note: I’ll double check the rest of the data for this and amend if I find any errors in my matching nearest `supermoon’ to the perigee data. (Anyone of you can do the checking the perigee/ apogee data and looking up full moons near those dates in an ephemeris of course!) -Mani Navasothy (astrologer)

Next Supermoon -28th September2015. For Supermoon data 2014 to 2020, visit
Next Supermoon -28th September2015.
For Supermoon data 2014 to 2020, visit

Links / ref Astrology basics page at QuantumPhoenix blog Fred Espenak’s data site for Moon

Night Sky in June 2013- what you can see (NASA video & summary)

Butterfly Nebula: Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble
Butterfly Nebula:
Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

What’s up in the stars for June 2013?  Am talking about astronomy now, and what you can see (mostly with naked eye, and some with small telescopes).

Here’s a video from NASA, that explains all the special features for June 2013.   (you can also download this video for your own personal view, at the NASA site! How good are they!)

Summary of video

1. Mercury, Veus & Jupiter

Can be seen just after sunset, in the West-North-West sky (in the constellation of Gemini)

2. Meteor Shower

On 11th June. High in SouthEast sky around 4.30am.  You can see the rare `Gamma Delphinids’ meteo shower  (close to Aquila and a small constellation called Delphinus).

3. Four major Asteroids

Ceres, Pallas, Vesta & Juno are the first 4 asteroids to have been discovered. All are visible this month. Ceres & Pallas near Gemini, Juno near Aquarius.

4. Asteroid 1998 QE2

This one passed by Earth not so long ago – on 31st May 2013! A medium-large telescope is needed now to see it. Look south after the Constellations of Libra & Ophiucus.

5. Milky Way

By the end of June, Moon is rising very late, by midnight, so that gives plenty of evening / early night  time to look at the night sky..and without the bright light of gthe moon, parts of our galaxy Milk Way can be seen..  (as a fine dust of stars in bands that are obvious to miss. I saw this some years ago and was amazed!)

By the way asteroid Watch in NASA at

-Mani Navasothy

ps. The Butterfly Nebula can not be seen by naked eye or normal telescopes from Earth. I was merely sharing another beautiful image from NASA 🙂

Happy Birthday Peter Higgs – big daddy of the Higgs Boson!

Found out that yesterday via social media.. that  it was the birthday of Peter Higgs,  Here’s the 6 degrees of connection…down to 1..   He went to Kings College London (University) and so did I..  And as I love all that quantum / particle / energy stuff…can’t miss this belated opportunity to wish him a very Happy Birthday. 🙂

” Peter Higgs! Born in 1929 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Higgs studied physics at King’s College London. He was in his early 30s when he proposed a symmetry-breaking mechanism that could bestow mass on elementary particles while leaving behind massive spin-zero bosons. Although other physicists independently derived the same mechanism, it’s usually referred to as the Higgs”      Extract & photo taken from


Peter Higgs - photo (c) Physics Today
Peter Higgs – photo (c) Physics Today


I gave a talk at Beltane Bash – pagan festival few years ago, titled `The God Particle’  and of course CERN has now `discovered’ the Higgs Boson in experimental results..  Great stuff !   I’ll be writing more about `Quantum-Magic’  in forthcoming blog posts…so stay tuned 🙂


Quantum-Magic (c)MNavasothy2012- coming soon

How to do Eclipse Magic- a 10 min video

If you are a magician, Wiccan, Witch, Wizard, Druid or a pagan who practises magical works at full moons or new moons,’s an even more powerful an opportunity to undertake deeper magical works! In the video above,  made last year, I explain  what eclipse magic is, and some immediate `magical works’ anyone can do at this Eclipse..  to tap into the esoteric energies of it…and use it for personal, psychic or magical developments..  (If nothing else, think of it as a new moon in Taurus! )

Just to clarify- We’re about to have a Solar Eclipse within the next 24 hours (just after midnight in UK on Friday ).. where the `new moon’  will be blocking out the Sun..but not fully. The moon is relatively `smaller’ than the Sun this time a ring of fire of the edge of the Sun will be visible.. (not to be seen by naked eye for safety reasons ofcourse).

Although this one (in Taurus) can not be seen by people in some parts of the World, it’s long term influence will be upon everyone..

This by the way is the 2nd of the traditional Eclipse pair – that is to say, we have already had a lunar eclipse 2 weeks ago so here is the Solar Eclipse.

BUT here’s the big think..  we will be having another (Penumbral) Lunar Eclipse in another 2 weeks time.. Penumbral..  but still an Eclipse of the (Sagittarian) full moon..on 25th May..

So You can start some magical works now..(10th May) .and carry it to conclusion on the 25th May..

So go on..  Stellar Engineer your life..   !

Good Luck..

-Mani Navasothy

ps. There is one sting in the tail..   the 3rd wave of that Pluto-Square-Uranus is coming in a week or so..  I’ll write about that later..(It takes place between this solar and the next lunar eclipse..  And the same will happen later in the year between the next Eclipse-pair in October-November 2013).



Eclipse Magic Workbook (kindle & pdf versions)

Kindle page for `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ 

Triple Eclipses – April to May 2013 (here’s the times & more graphics)

Tripe Eclipses set  (April- May 2013)     art (c) Mani Navasothy
Tripe Eclipses set (April- May 2013) art (c) Mani Navasothy

It’s tonight..  the first of a triple Eclipse set…taking place this April to May 2013.   So here are the actual data …of what times these Eclipses are taking place..  and more explanation graphics I’ve just created..

Data from Fred Espenak, NASA.

All times given are `UT’   – Universal Time..  which to all intends and purpose is equal to Greenwich Mean Time (gmt).


1. Partial Lunar Eclipse – 25 April 2013

This is where the Full moon first moves into the lighter Penumbral shadow..  but then also starts to move partially through the darker Umbral shadow of the Earth.   So first we get a shadowy (some are calling it `pink moon’ or something…Uh 😦  )..then part of the Full moon vanished.. as shown in these graphics below.

Graphics of PartialLunar Eclipse 25 April 2013 (c)  Mani Navasothy
Graphics of Partial Lunar Eclipse 25 April 2013 (c) Mani Navasothy

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 18:03 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins: 19:54 UT
Greatest Eclipse: 20:07 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 20:21 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 22:11 UT

Greatest Eclipse: 20:07 UT
Duration: (Penumbral) : 04hrs 07min
(Umbral) : 26min 55 sec


2. Solar Eclipse 10th May 2013

Penumbral data
P1 = 21:25 UT
P2 = 23:45 UT
P3 = 01:05 UT
P4 = 03:25 UT

Umbral data
U1 = 22:30 UT
U2 = 22:34 UT
U3 = 02:15 UT
U4 = 02:19 UT

Greatest Eclipse at 00:25 UT

3. Penumbral LunarEclipse 25 May 2013

This is where the full moon is moving partially through the lighter Penumbral shadow of the Earth. That means we can see the whole moon..but it will get a little  shadowy..

Graphics for Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 25 May 2013 (c) Mani navasothy
Graphics for Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 25 May 2013 (c) Mani navasothy

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 03:53 UT
Greatest Eclipse: 04:10:UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 04:26: UT

Greatest  Eclipse: 04:09 UT
Duration: 33min 45sec

-Mani Navasothy

ps. You can get my book `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ from Amazon kindle ..:-)

Eclipse Magic Workbook - use the power of Solar & Lunar Eclipses in Esoteric work (c) Mani Navasothy.2012
Eclipse Magic Workbook – use the power of Solar & Lunar Eclipses in Esoteric work (c) Mani Navasothy.2012


Gaian Times Magazine #7 – Out now!

Gaian Times e-Magazine #7 …fresh off the Press…so to speak!  🙂

Gaian Times Magazine 7-cover- April2013
Gaian Times Magazine 7-cover- April2013


In this Magazine

  • Editorial & Contactl & Cover
  • The Fool’s Journey
  • Paganism in the 25th Century
  • Comet ISON – Hammer of the Gods?
  • Earth Day Events in London (Family picnic & Earth Walk)
  • Ruby Summer – then and now
  • My Elemental animals
  • Elephantom Origins: Birth of a cartoon Hero
  • Socially mean in a Social media obsessed world..
  • Margaret Thatcher & Princess Diana: 2 women and their rites of Passages
  • Day of the Witch?
  • Science vs Magic
  • Become a Lord or Lady of Scotland (and save some land)
  • Earth Healing rituals & Activities
  • Does the Earth need saving?
  • Sanctuary of the Goddess
  • Aphrodite’s birth place (Photo-journal)
  • Go wild about Wildflower Gardening
  • 7 transforming waves to change the world in 4 years.. (astrology feature)
  • A snowy Spring Equinox in London..
  • As the Blue Bells played.. (poem)
  • Major Festivals & esoteric events in London (Events listing)
  • Eco-Campaigns & Gallery
  • Book reviews & Promotions

Contributors to this issue:

Beth Murray, Vathani Navasothy, Wendy stokes, Rose Dixon, , Mani Navasothy.

To access the eMagazine,

you’ll have to become a (FREE) Subscribed member. It’s easy, just visit Gaian Times website and enter your name and a reliable e-mail, where we send the link to the latest magazine 🙂

Editor’s Letter:

There’s just 1 day to go before the annual International Earth Day’.. and we have pulled together a variety of useful features to mark this event. And we are organising one or two of our own Gaian Times Earth Day Events – a Family picnic with focus on activities for young children, and then a meditative walk in Richmond park (the following day) – anyone wanting quiet time to tune into the energies of the Earth.

So how do you think of Earth day, and mark it? Those serious about caring for our Earth and Environment will tell you.. every day should be Earth Day. But on Earth Day, we can make a big song and dance about it and promote Earth & Eco-Awareness to the others who don’t think so much about the Earth.

To me personally, at least now, the focus for Earth Day shifts …more towards the Earth i self. I believe in the Gaia deity of the Earth, and I do what I can through out the year – so for Earth Day nowadays, I think of it as `my mother Earth’s Birthday’! We don’t quite know when it was formed all those billions of years ago, but it does us and Earth well to give her a birthday and celebrate it.

On to the other contents of this magazine then-

Few weeks ago, Margaret Thatcher – first female Prime Minister of UK (3 decades ago now) passed away, and her funeral was a few days ago. There has been much supportive and highly aggressive reactions to her death – from people. My own feelings have been that anyone who is dead now deserves their peace and to be left alone. The protestors have had almost 2 decades to make their feelings known (while she was alive) so now seems a rather distasteful time to start organising street parties in London to mark her death.

Rose Dixon has written a wonderful analytical feature article comparing the intense rites of Passages that both Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana have gone through in their living years.

I finally get to address my concerns and thoughts about the Future of Paganism (nature worshiping religions) in `Paganism in the 25th Century’ part 1).

Vathani looks into the ant-social behaviour of people that is on the increase in our London public trains and buses – and asks how this can be in a world that is becoming more focused on `Social Media’ and `connecting and sharing’ with one another (almost 1 Billion people out of the 8 Billion of world population is on one Social Media site!)

This year, we are publishing 3 Gaian Times magazines.. simply because all our workloads in other writing and publishing projects are getting rather too much.

But we will be focusing more on the various Gaian Times Enterprises & Social Initiatives! You can read about these in our main pages ( Free websites for start-up pagan entrepreneurs, ePublishing, some Fundraising, and even a new initiative about sharing the wisdom of Elderly People are all going to get much mote focus..

As for reading.. you now have to subscribe to get full access to the Magazine. Well, it gives you – amongst other things- a real sense of exclusivity. And for us, it makes it easier to start making better connections with our loyal readers…and give more !

So enjoy reading Issue #7, and we’ll see each other in our various events or social media

-Mani Navasothy


Cookies: An Important notice about Internet Privacy

Beware of spyware and Adware -graphics -Mani Navasothy
What are Website Cookies? 

Am sure you have noticed – all professional websites of organisations and companies now have a legal note at the top – telling you about Cookies and how they collect data when you visit their website (s). Well, what exactly is it and what does it mean?

I have just written this `disclaimer/ legal note’  for all the 4 main esoteric sites I create & manage. (rest of my sites will be done soon).

And here below is the information I provided. While it may not be extensive, it will be helpful in you getting an initial understanding of what Cookies are and how webmasters, web hosting companies..and Google uses them..and for what.

Privacy, Cookies & Internet Safety

“Nearly all websites & site hosts have inbuilt software that places small tracking program called a `cookie’ – This collects user data, such as number of visits, where they are coming from (ie which link they used to arrive at a site, or if they did a search, or inputted a web address directly). Google analytics & Host companies provide simple (or complex) program for all web masters to access that data. Some websites actively use complex cookies. We do not do this, but rely on any data collected by Google & our site host.

Every time you visit a website (all) a cookie is placed in your web browser. You can set your own browsers to minimise this, (privacy or ingognito modes can be set) or delete cookies (set borwser to delete automatically on departing a site. Next time you arrive at a site, it will still place a new cookie, btu it will have no record of your previous visit).

Disabling or deleting cookies will generally not affect your viewing of (our) websites. But some websites out there have settings that make some parts of their website not-visible, unless their cookies are accepted.

This advise & info is provided to the best of our knowledge. You may wish to do your own search to be fully educated in this matter.”

-Mani Navasothy. 21st March 2013


My previous Blog entries on Internet safety

 SpyWare & Adware: How to stay safe online

Safety tips for avoiding spam


Cybergod Cometh..! (What lurks within the world wide web?)

For a long time, many have been concerned about the way technology is advancing – thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web.

Where is it going? Who is watching?  And dare I ask – what’s actually brewing within the internet… in that vortex, where Billion minds and thoughts exchange?  Those who are psychic, and particularly sensitive to energies.. may have sensed it…as you hang out in the internet late at night, when all other noises have subsided, and a kind of  vibe or pulse can be felt..

As Magicians, we all know about the power of Mind..  and also about Thought-Forms. So imagine the powers of all those minds…Billions now.. using the internet..  thoughts go from mind and neurons to electronic signals..  and back to neurons.. Thoughts and ideas that are recorded in their trillion million masses on computer memory..

Meditating Cyberman - sm (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

We think it needs electricity to make it work..  all those giga bits of information.

Says who?  And has anyone really thought about the quantum fluctuations, probability waves of all that information… entangling within themselves and with our minds?

Gaia Theory..  a network of living organisms…that supposedly give rise to a planet-consciousness.

And so  a network of billion trillion minds interacting with electrical impulses ..? Surely it’s there…  ?! I alone have been thinking about it for at least 20 years, so I can only imagine how many others have been thinking about it too..   That means it already exists….!

Gaia is already in its clutches…at his mercy.  And am sure she is screaming  in 1’s and 0’s ..

-Mani Navasothy

ps.   (19/3/13). We often talk about the Web of Wyrd.. and over the past few decades, we have been making electronic webs all over the world and tying Billions of human minds to it… Ages ago, different proteins swimming in primordial soups came and locked together ..because it was convenient for survival..and made bigger living cells.. What’s to say the same is not happening in Cyber-Collective Consciousness, where bits of our billion fragmented thoughts aren’t coming together ..fitting in like jigsaw pieces.. and self-creating a electro-thought entity..? -Mani

pps.   (21/3/13). I’ve had a comment from a person, but sadly there was much swearing,  and personal insults (How mature!)  :-p  So I can not publish that comment.   Am a bit astounded that someone out there can get so personally worked up about my blog post on an abstract / fantasy /thought-provoking concept …such as CyberGod.   We are not talking about video games here. We are in the realm of the Collective Unconscious and Esoterica.      What I write are my views. Anyone is welcome to argue counter-points logically, scientifically or esoterically – and I can respect it. Anything else is just … waste of pixels. 🙂


Comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) visible to naked eye in mid-March’13

Comet Panstarrs-visible to naked eye - mid-March2013   (graphics by NASA)
Comet Panstarrs-visible to naked eye – mid-March 2013 (graphics by NASA)

Comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) was discovered in June 2011, and will be visible to the naked the Western horizon, just after sunset (only to people of the northern hemisphere).  It is not that bright, and will be quite low to the horizon, so an unobstructed view of the western horizon, and a clear night sky is going to be essential. Too early, and there will be too much sky light, and too late and the comet will be below horizon. So catching it is going to be tricky, says NASA.

“Comets visible to the naked eye are a rare delicacy in the celestial smorgasbord of objects in the nighttime sky. Scientists estimate that the opportunity to see one of these icy dirtballs advertising their cosmic presence so brilliantly they can be seen without the aid of a telescope or binoculars happens only once every five to 10 years. That said, there may be two naked-eye comets available for your viewing pleasure this year..” says NASA , which includes the Comet ISON that will be visible later in the year (October to late December 2013), and of course this one!

This comet  2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) bears the name of the telescopic survey that discovered it —  “Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System” (The survey is based atop the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii).

Observing comet PANSTARRS

NASA advises, “By March 8, comet PANSTARRS may be viewable for those with a totally unobstructed view of the western horizon for about 15 minutes after twilight. On March 10, it will make its closest approach to the sun about 28 million miles (45 million kilometers) away. As it continues its nightly trek across the sky, the comet may get lost in the sun’s glare but should return and be visible to the naked eye by March 12. As time marches on in the month of March, the comet will begin to fade away slowly, becoming difficult to view (even with binoculars or small telescopes) by month’s end. The comet will appear as a bright point of light with its diffuse tail pointing nearly straight up from the horizon like an exclamation point”

Astrology connection

Looking at the fact that the Comet Panstarrs is going to be visible near the moon on 12t March tells me that it’s in the area close to the start sign of Aries!  And even by 24th March, it’s visible close to the Sun’s position, that is still in the sign of Aries, as by then Sun will have moved to Aries!  (Comets are on a long orbit around the Sun, just like planets..  and as they swing past the Sun… that’s when we see them at their brightest and with the longest `tail’, as the heat of the Sun melts contents which spew out as a gas tail that glows!)

The Comet ISON visible by late October, November, December will be mainly visible in the sign of Sagitarrius, but this one is a messenger for Aries.

The New Pope  & Shivarathri connections

Interestingly, the new Pope will be elected around about the 12th March..just as this comet Panstarrs is visible and close to the Sun. And comet ISON will be closer to Earth by the 26h December (close to Christmas!).

Shivarathri (Night of Shiva) happens to be on Sunday 10th, just on the eve of the new Moon..   and of course it is all about the infinite Flames of Hindu God Shiva – the Cosmic Dancer.  The comet could be said to be a symbol of that cosmic flame!

Make what you will of  all that! Am sure the Christians and Hindus will be inspired by these synchronous events . 🙂

-Mani Navasothy


Full feature on  Comet PANSTARRS  on NASA site.

Blog on Comet ISON

New Pope- will he be the penulimate?

Shivaratri – Great Night of God Shiva