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100,000 views of my Gaian2012 YT channel

Back in November 2011, after a particularly negative experience of giving a Pagan / Wiccan interview for an on online Radio, I got home very mixed up and angry – for having been taken advantage again by a Journalist. (I’ve appeared / given interviews for various lot like BBC, Channel 4, Guardian etc..).

That was when i decided the only way to share/ put out my message ..without it being edited out by others – is to do my own work. So as it was a month before the much anticipated year 2012 was coming, I started my youtube channel `Gaian2012′.

Gaian2012 channel - 100000 views 28May2016Visit Gaian2012 – Esoteric Channel

It is an Esoteric Channel – with videos I personally make ..about Paganism, Wicca/Witchcraft, Magical Training videos, spirituality, astrology, New age / holistic events, Pagan/ Hindu festivals, Ecology & Environment, protests/ marches, picnics and so on.

I’ve been making videos / editing/ producing/ doing my own features, covering events, interviews etc since then.. Along the way I have been learning so much about digital video / film making, sharpening my editing skills and so on.

Four and a half years on, today, my channel has reached 100,000 views (well, 100, 006 to be exact!). The esoteric / holistic work continues.. but I think I can take a few minutes to mark this happy occasion ūüôā

here’s the channel (my own unique url):



Melanie Ivy- Mother of Dragon (Game of Throne -fan belly dance video)

Dear all, ¬†guess what? ¬†It’s finally here – The Melanie Ivy – Mother of Dragon fan Video – that I filmed/produced with my friend Melanie!

Melanie Ivy -Throne with dragons - PR pic (c) Mani Navasothy 2016
Melanie Ivy РMother of Dragons  (Game of Thrones)  Fan video produced by Mani Navasothy

As some of you know, I have been venturing more into dance / music / story telling videos…(and not just Esoteric / magical videos, features or DrWho fan series!). ¬†And this is the latest in that creative stream!

We filmed this over 2 separate days (one in March’16, and one in April’16) in and around parks/ woods in Croydon (South London area). ¬† My sister Vathani helped a lot with day#2 of filming ¬†& support (when we had to set up a bonfire, as well as look after Melanie’s pet Python Shiva).

The editing took some time..but I did the `Editor’s cut’ (version 1) over a solid 2 day work.. ¬†Showed it to Melanie, had ideas and re-edited it (shorter, faster)..and here is the final work.

my ¬†big thanks & praise to Melanie (and Shiva the snake) for working hard with me on making this video.. It’s the sort of creative thing I had wanted to do for many years… and here we are!

There’ll be some behind the scenes clips up soon.. But for now.. enjoy this dance-story….and do visit her YT video channel and subscribe!!

-Mani Navasothy  (digital film maker)


Melanie Ivy- Fusion Belly Dancer & snake charmer- facebook page

Melanie Ivy РYoutube channel 

Mani Navasothy – Gaian2012 Esoteric Videos

Doctor Who London Fan films by Mani Navasothy

SongBird by Joie de Winter – the making of a music video

Songbird – written & performed by Joie de Winter – a wonderful friend of mine!

I first saw one of her songs/ other videos (Butterfly Belly) ¬†in early January (yes, not long ago).. ¬†and immediately fell in love with that song..It reached deep. ¬†So nervously I wrote to her on facebook, and offered to do a music video for her. ¬†I had met Joie a few times before in person at OneSpirit dance event ¬†(New Year’s eve) ¬†and at friends home, few months ago. But to all intents we were just passing acquaintances.

I then captured her online home video, did a bit of fancy fades/ editing..and posted it back to show her (kind of a `trying to show what I can do and impress her’ ¬†cos I really was compelled to work with her… and nervous she may think I am some random guy who’s trying out a flirty line).

But she was thrilled by the video..and said yes!  And I was elated!

So last week, we met in London, went to St.James park..and filmed her performing many of her songs and poems..  What a bonus..I was only expecting just one song..and a few hours.. But we were there from 11am till about 6pm I think..  There were so many little synchronous magical moments..  conversations and such..  There was that moment of her offering crunched up stingy nettle leaves for me to chew! And another of her munching on Daffodil flower stalk..  after strumming guitar with it..and doing a spontaneous song for a word I just blurted out!). It was a journey of discovery and friendship..and filming and co-creating..  Hard to pin in all down .

Other things kept us busy..but few days ago, we met again – at my home.. ¬† to watch all the clips/ video we had filmed.. ¬† Had lots of teas, snacks…my mother & sister popped in and out of the sitting room.. ¬†Mum offered more snacks.. ¬† We plays some of her music.. ¬†Well, Joie sang and played guitar and I just sat mesmerised..and drummed a bit to it.. ¬†(and she was okay with that).. ¬† ¬†Then we began editing.. ¬† ¬†And by the evening, we had worked on the first 50 seconds of a 4min song! ¬†It was kind of late so I dropped her off. (same local town!)

The next day she arrived ¬†I told her to tell me to shut up if I talked too much.. ¬†and we had a spontaneous plan to go to local park.. ¬†But half way that changed too…and we ended up in a local nature place.. ¬†It had been frosty..and cold..and waters had frozen.. ¬†Steam was coming off our breaths!

And we filmed more of her wonderful performances – as she climbed up a fallen large tree stretched over a frozen small pond! ¬† (there were some nervous moments for me..when I thought she was going to slip and fall in! ¬†Primary Camera- set up further away- was already rolling it caught many of our funny, tricky slippery moments – and yes, we are saving all that for some `behind the scenes’ videos to share later!

We got home.. ¬†she made me nettle tea ¬†(yeah.. ¬†I went from chewing nettle leaf to drinking it in tea..It was okay ¬†– ¬†for my first time!). ¬† Day 3 was different now.. ¬† we were not strangers any more.. ¬†It’s a different kind of familiarity.. that comes of conversations that go deep into our pasts..and acknowledging one another’s journeys in life.. trials, pains, lessons and triumphs!

So more editing…this time…late into the night.. ¬†!

I don’t normally edit with others…am more of a solitary video editor.. have been so for many years (apart from fan videos that I have done ..worked with my sister).. ¬†but I offered to edit together, and Joie was thrilled to experience the process…and I think it drew her in more..added to the whole process of singing, filming, creating.

I had stressed many times the importance of her being fully involved (if he wants to) and having creative control.. ¬†It’s her song, her performance..her soul that we are showing to the world.. ¬†So she should have the full say in how it’s done.

And it was better that I expected. ¬†I showed her all the editing functions.. ¬†She’s already an experienced graphics artist/ 3D animator so she just got involved with the editing.. ¬†Formalities were thrown out the sofa ..and creativity flowed.. ¬† She’d work the mouse-pad on my laptop and I would work the mouse.. so at times I think the poor cursor on my laptop didn’t know which way to go.. ¬†But it was all good…

And then just before midnight the video was done.. ¬† she typed the `message’ at the end of it herself.. ¬†all her energy.. ¬† and we hit render…and then we watched it all.. the first full version.. ¬†and were just blown away by it.. ¬†and 5 mins to midnight, we began uploading it to her youtube channel.. (she hit the upload button… cos that’s how it’s gotta be!)

Outside it was cold…night sky was clear ..stars were bright.. ¬†all the ground and car windows covered in frost! ¬† I sort of told her off for using her hands & oyster card to scrape the ice off car ¬†windscreen.. ¬† There’s a scraper for that and it’s my job.. ¬†Hands that play so beautifully the guitar should be kept safe and warm.. ¬†ūüôā ¬†(not that she is weak or anything. ¬†She has strong hands.. but I just got protective!)¬†

By the time I had dropped her home, and back to mine, the video was done uploading..   and ready for the world to see..

And this is it!  First of many more to come..!

Thank you Joie, for your gifts of Heartsongs. 20 days ago I didn’t know you…and now I can’t ever forget you!¬†

-Mani Navasothy  (the fan!)

Doctor Who Fan Filming at Windsor, UK (Imaginarium Productions)

On 30th October 2014, my friends and I drove up to Windsor Town – yes, same place where Royal Windsor Castle is! ¬† ¬†It was for filming scenes of one of our ¬†fan DrWho video stories – previously called `CyberGenesis’ ¬† (I;ll come to that in a bit). ¬† ¬†The story involves ¬†`our’ Doctor ¬†suddenly appearing (No TARDIS) ¬†in Windsor, and getting caught up in a plot by a mysterious villain called The Shaman – who seems to have found the perfect way to blackmail the Doctor – and force him to steal an artefact from ¬†Windsor Castle itself!!

We filmed outside the castle, and then went to the Windsor Great Park – that’s a great big forest! ¬† ¬†To do more location shots.. ¬† Filming continued few days later in another woods..

Here’s a short fun video that my sister filmed of us ¬†(cast and crew) on that day in Windsor. ūüôā

And now here’s the exciting bit.. ¬† ¬†We are almost close to wrapping up the filming for `this’ series…(7 stories)..and will soon start editing and uploading online- where you can watch it for free (from late November onwards!)

That’s not all.. ¬† ¬†We start pre-production on the `next series’ to be ¬†filmed from Spring 2015 onwards and shown ¬†from early Summer 2015. ¬† ¬† ¬† I say `series’ but to be honest, it’s a rolling schedule.. ¬† ¬†We’ll fil, edit and show..and film..and onwards.. ¬† As and when our stories are complete. ¬† ¬†We are entirely dependant on friends’ and fellow fans’ support, participation and even creative contributions..

Cyberhern cometh
Mani Navasothy (Exec.Producer of Imaginarium Productions, wearing the `Occult Cyberman’ costume…at Winter London Film & Comic Convention (and standing proudly next to a `classic’ 90’s Cyberman !)

WE are Looking for YOU to join us!!

So contact me..   via our website e-mail, or comments in our youtube channel, or by liking our facebook page..

-Mani Navasothy

ps. ¬† The story we are filming is no longer to be titled as `CyberGenesis’. This is due to the shocking discovery that the BBC’s own Doctor Who story `Dark Water/ Death in Heaven’ starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor – showed very similar concepts to our original version (which we had been writing/ working on since December 2013!!! ¬† ¬† If we carried on the same ideas, fans would be ¬†bored, or might say, they copied the BBC’.. ¬†So we have had a rethink and are changing some of the concepts.. ¬† and removing the emphasis on The Cyberman..and putting it on…Hern.. ¬†a horned God/ mythological figure that roams Windsor Great PArk..

Like ¬†our page ¬†…

Watch our ¬†episodes¬†…

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