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Sharing & Caring vs Littering (The internet foot-print debate)

share vs clutter in internet
share vs clutter in internet

You’ve done it.. I;ve done it..and many million people have done it..or about to do it! I am of course talking about posting a picture, a blog, a video, a quote etc..  basically anything that adds even an extra 1 byte of data (well, these days, what with everything being High Definition, High Resolution..  High Fidelity.. and Hi-tech..   even a single photograph posted online in a typical social media network site can be some thing like 100 Mega Bytes!   That’s more info-packaging than even the computers that were onboard  the rockets that took Man to the Moon first..).

So if you share one album…of a party or a night out.. say 10-20 photos, it can be easily over 1 Giga Byte of data…loaded onto someone else’s sever (let’s admit this – apart from government or research bodies, military and other highly independent people.. most of us don’t have our own servers that are connected to the internet (or IS part of the internet!) Everyone (big companies, Internet service providers ) are offering so much `free space’ (in their servers!).. we just take them.. consume them..gobble them up..  with so much multi-media.

Forget a picture painting  a thousand words.. In this age, it  is a case of a Photograph that can take up the space of  million words! – in terms of data storage!

Info-consuming society

Everyday, bodies like Youtube boast that several thousand new videos have been uploaded the previous day..  Blogging platforms like WordPress boast that several hundred new blogs had been added the previous day (like this one! yes am guilty too).

If all the data & photos were to be printed every day ..on paper…can you imagine how much paper it will consume?  Then we’ll all be campaigning.. about how it’s using up forests..(paper is organic…comes from pulped plant matter! It’s why we recycle paper after all! So we don’t use up new forests ..erm right!)

Lucky, we don’t print everything …instead we upload them..  to websites, social media sites.. or save them on our hard drives, discs, solid state microchips …!

But all those things are physical objects..   servers are large computers that hold websites..   so are social media sites.. (Google alone has millions of computers around the world in large buildings…all kept cool.. powered by electricity! Imagine how many computers & servers Companies like Facebook must have.. to keep up with all the data people are uploading every second!!)

We might think.. we are not it ‘s environmentally sound..but we are consuming power, storage space, and power for maintenance for those trillions of computers!   Well, that’s the eco-crisis aspect of this matter.

There is also the `sharing’ on social networks!

Gone are the days (which was only  a few years ago in fact) when people wrote about themselves, what they are feeling, thinking,, etc on their status updates and `walls’. Now majority of posts are `sharing’ photos, slogans, quotes, words or wisdom..and quite a million bytes of `here today- saved for eternity-but no-one cares’  information!! :-p

Data storage – paperless society

People took months and years to write books..  after research…Now online publishing is so fast, that thoughts are being published without any sort of review, editing, measuring etc.  In the old days, much will fall on the cutting room floor, or the postman will return that big manuscript to the author for the umpteenth edit again. wanna be authors just give up after that many rejects..  Paper and publishing standards are saved!   Not any more..   We upload..  consume gigabytes of server space.. on Amazon, facebook, youtube and…I wont’t even start on Google!    (repository of all inline knowledge and quite a lot of the rubbish we all upload!!)

Good news is…technology is getting better..and better. So data storage devises (hard drives, micro-chips) are getting smaller ..but holding more data.   So we can consume more ..  And of course research is going on about storing data on micro-crystals and quantum bits (Q-bits?) – atoms and molecules whose spin and various quantum numbers can be information.. equivalent to the  1.1.1 1.0.    (on-off switches that are the basis of binary systems and all data storage of computers!)

Brilliant..  we can pack even more terabytes of information on to quantum-crystals embedded in our  fingernails, ear-lobes…and  belly-buttons  (there’s a thought. Belly-button finally gets a use again after becoming obsolete at birth?!)

Storage may be okay …but we’re still adding data..  and the more freedom we have, more rubbish seems to get through and gets saved…for eternity..  for future-man or woman or alien to download and …erm.. choke? ?!

Look …741 words already (so says my wordpress editor, as I write this)…and this is going to get saved for posterity… It will be here in the net, etherial floating in Q-bit realm.. decades after I am long dead.. (Even if I stop paying for the domain..and wordpress deletes it..   Google will have saved it somewhere…or a new Company called Trooble will have sprung up.. probably the son-of-google.. and taken up where Google leaves.. (if it ever will).

Quantum storage & Know-it-all computers

Oh another (related?) matter-  People keep saying..and thinking that  we can one day keep in record  everything we know..  and I am talking about quantum-Physics here (not social media)..  the location and speed of every single particle..  in the universe..  !   People say that at that point, a computer that holds that much of information…about everything in the universe…can predict anything! (A God-Computer?)

But sadly..  that is not possible..  If a computer records all the info about everything in the Universe… it has to put it on to a magnetic tape, a DVD disc,  micro-chip, a quantum-crystal-array or something physical!   Now here’s the thing..   holding that much of info will change the nature of that storage device… and where will the computer record that info? on the same chip? or anther crystal?

It just isn’t possible..  laws of quantum-mechanics don’t allow such things..  (observer effect)… unless of course the Higgs reveals new things about those laws.. ! (that’s another matter).

.. so where was I?   Yes, 989 words..Nope..  as I type it, the word count has changed.. (Observer effect at work :-p )

Okay some of this is so off the wall /page…and into flights of science-fiction & fantasy…but the problem remains..

We are consuming more info (mostly useless) and uploading even more data (more than half of it utter rubbish).

It’s not adding real value to the lives of people..! We already know those words of wisdom.. and those famous quotes…and have imagined a Witch & a Fairy flying naked through magical forest…and a swirly-burly Alien meditating (!?) in hyper-space or another moon..   !   Yes, those shared pictures are pretty..  but do they add value to other people’s lives? Do they solve their emotional problems at hand..that they really are not putting up on their status line anymore…for fear of being ridiculed or worse ..bullied?  Do those  `shares’ and `likes’  really bring people together..? or are we just playing lip-service to it al that come on our screen..    but hope that our own shares get read by thousands of others..? (another debate…!)

Do me a favour..  in fact the world a favour..   and the future` Trooble -son of Google’  a favour..

Share responsibly!

Thank you for reading my `way past midnight’  thoughts 🙂

Good evening  USA. Good Night UK..   Good Morning Australia..  and Greetings Earth 3012.. 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

Wanted: Reporters & Feature Writers- for Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine

Gaian Times Magazine - 2nd anniversary - issue 8 - Contribute!
Gaian Times Magazine – 2nd anniversary – issue 8 – Contribute!

Are you a feature writer? An Artist? Aspiring author? One who likes to write about what’s going on (news) in your groups & communities?  Well, if you are looking for an outlet  to show your creative and writing skills.. why not contribute to Gaian Times Magazine?

Gaia is an Earth Goddess, and in this modern age of eco and environmental concerns, we thought our magazine should be named after Gaia. So Gaian Times was born.. It was registered in February 20111 as a not-for-profit company in England & Wales (yes, with the Government, and GT is bound by legal Objectives.

The first FREE online magazine was published on 21st June 2011.  So this June, we are marking GT’s 2nd anniversary!    The next issue (#8 is due in July’13) will celebrate the 2nd anniversary.

The e-magazine is actually just  one of the `products’ of Gaian Times! And it is also time for Gaian Times to step up it’s delivery of objectives.  We’ve had 2 years to establish a presence…and now we’ll start doing more!  (more of that another time!)

We’re now inviting YOU.. the readers and supporters.. and interested people..   to contribute various features for the Magazine.

Here are the things you can aim to contribute:

** NEWS write-ups (100 words upwards) – These can be published every 3 months. But you can also `like’ the GT facebook page, and then contribute NEWS items  every few days..!

** Feature articles – 500 words  to 1500 words.   Write about any esoteric, ecological,sciences,  social or spiritual topics of your choosing. (might be best to check with Editor first though).    Gaian Times is about exploring the present and looking forward to the future of our world.. or even building the future we want it to be..   So pioneering, thought-provoking feature articles are always welcome!

** Art works & Photos – of an eco-spiritual nature.   (Send these by e-mail as jpeg / gif/png format please and ensure file size is no bigger than 200 MB   (most internet e-mail providers will block larger file transmission anyway..and it will clog up your e-mail first).

** Poetry – fitting in with GT themes !

** Start a Column– we already have many regular columns..  astrology, esoterica, psychology & Counselling.. (staring a few news ones in #8)  If you can provide regular write-ups, why not propose a new column of your own.. at Gaian Times Magazine?  (we can also put it in our facebook page).

Well, those are just some ideas..  Best thing is to visit the Magazine site..and explore the latest magazine, look at past ones, and their themes / topics…to get a feel of it.

We look forward to hearing from you …soon!   (work for next issue is already underway!!)

-Mani Navasothy

(Founder/ Chief Editor of Gaian Times)

Gaian Times Magazine #7 – Out now!

Gaian Times e-Magazine #7 …fresh off the Press…so to speak!  🙂

Gaian Times Magazine 7-cover- April2013
Gaian Times Magazine 7-cover- April2013


In this Magazine

  • Editorial & Contactl & Cover
  • The Fool’s Journey
  • Paganism in the 25th Century
  • Comet ISON – Hammer of the Gods?
  • Earth Day Events in London (Family picnic & Earth Walk)
  • Ruby Summer – then and now
  • My Elemental animals
  • Elephantom Origins: Birth of a cartoon Hero
  • Socially mean in a Social media obsessed world..
  • Margaret Thatcher & Princess Diana: 2 women and their rites of Passages
  • Day of the Witch?
  • Science vs Magic
  • Become a Lord or Lady of Scotland (and save some land)
  • Earth Healing rituals & Activities
  • Does the Earth need saving?
  • Sanctuary of the Goddess
  • Aphrodite’s birth place (Photo-journal)
  • Go wild about Wildflower Gardening
  • 7 transforming waves to change the world in 4 years.. (astrology feature)
  • A snowy Spring Equinox in London..
  • As the Blue Bells played.. (poem)
  • Major Festivals & esoteric events in London (Events listing)
  • Eco-Campaigns & Gallery
  • Book reviews & Promotions

Contributors to this issue:

Beth Murray, Vathani Navasothy, Wendy stokes, Rose Dixon, , Mani Navasothy.

To access the eMagazine,

you’ll have to become a (FREE) Subscribed member. It’s easy, just visit Gaian Times website and enter your name and a reliable e-mail, where we send the link to the latest magazine 🙂

Editor’s Letter:

There’s just 1 day to go before the annual International Earth Day’.. and we have pulled together a variety of useful features to mark this event. And we are organising one or two of our own Gaian Times Earth Day Events – a Family picnic with focus on activities for young children, and then a meditative walk in Richmond park (the following day) – anyone wanting quiet time to tune into the energies of the Earth.

So how do you think of Earth day, and mark it? Those serious about caring for our Earth and Environment will tell you.. every day should be Earth Day. But on Earth Day, we can make a big song and dance about it and promote Earth & Eco-Awareness to the others who don’t think so much about the Earth.

To me personally, at least now, the focus for Earth Day shifts …more towards the Earth i self. I believe in the Gaia deity of the Earth, and I do what I can through out the year – so for Earth Day nowadays, I think of it as `my mother Earth’s Birthday’! We don’t quite know when it was formed all those billions of years ago, but it does us and Earth well to give her a birthday and celebrate it.

On to the other contents of this magazine then-

Few weeks ago, Margaret Thatcher – first female Prime Minister of UK (3 decades ago now) passed away, and her funeral was a few days ago. There has been much supportive and highly aggressive reactions to her death – from people. My own feelings have been that anyone who is dead now deserves their peace and to be left alone. The protestors have had almost 2 decades to make their feelings known (while she was alive) so now seems a rather distasteful time to start organising street parties in London to mark her death.

Rose Dixon has written a wonderful analytical feature article comparing the intense rites of Passages that both Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana have gone through in their living years.

I finally get to address my concerns and thoughts about the Future of Paganism (nature worshiping religions) in `Paganism in the 25th Century’ part 1).

Vathani looks into the ant-social behaviour of people that is on the increase in our London public trains and buses – and asks how this can be in a world that is becoming more focused on `Social Media’ and `connecting and sharing’ with one another (almost 1 Billion people out of the 8 Billion of world population is on one Social Media site!)

This year, we are publishing 3 Gaian Times magazines.. simply because all our workloads in other writing and publishing projects are getting rather too much.

But we will be focusing more on the various Gaian Times Enterprises & Social Initiatives! You can read about these in our main pages ( Free websites for start-up pagan entrepreneurs, ePublishing, some Fundraising, and even a new initiative about sharing the wisdom of Elderly People are all going to get much mote focus..

As for reading.. you now have to subscribe to get full access to the Magazine. Well, it gives you – amongst other things- a real sense of exclusivity. And for us, it makes it easier to start making better connections with our loyal readers…and give more !

So enjoy reading Issue #7, and we’ll see each other in our various events or social media

-Mani Navasothy


QuantumPhoenix Blog in 2012: WordPress review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 21,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

GaianTimes Magazine #6 Winter2012 (3 special covers)




Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine #6 came out back in November 2012, and had 3 special `covers’ (well, being an e-magzine, we can have as many covers as possible).  Each cover gave attention to a special feature or a cause.

The Formal Cover had Rose Dixon in her `Urban London Witchy’ look, holding the Earth in her hand. The original photo was taken by the banks of river Thames in London, after a `Thames: River of Souls’ Samhain (Halloween) ritual, where about 30+ interested pagans attended.

Gaian Times #6   Formal cover featuring Rose Dixon (Photo (c)ManiNavasothy
Gaian Times #6 cover-1 featuring Rose Dixon (Photo (c)ManiNavasothy


Pamela Harvey, Rose Dixon, Vathani Navasothy, April Jonquil, Beth Murray, Debbie Galllagher, and Mani Navasothy (Editor/ Director) contributed features to Issue#6 of Gaian Times.

The Magazine featured the following special articles:

  • Witches in London
  • Disappointing Death at 16 (personal account)
  • Stag Watch: A bit of a Crush
  • Atheism
  • Love the Badger Dance
  • GBH: Goddess Bodily Harm  (discussing eating habbits of Pagans)
  • Books and failed Ideas (on creative writing)
  • Poppy Thoughts of an Army Gal’s daughter
  • NEWS on Australia creating largest Marine reserve
  • Poem: Island Earth
  • Soorna Por: Demon War (Hindu festival)
  • Gaian Times Social Initiative: Esoteric Enterprises
  • African Elephant Massacre
  • Magic & Meditation to protect the Taiji Dolphins from annual massacre
  • Major Pagan Festivals in 2013
Cover 2 of GT#6


Cover 2 highlights the `Remembrance Day’ article  (Remembrance Day in Uk takes place on the 11th day of 11th month every year!)

April Jonquil wrote a special feature article for this  titled `Poppy Thoughts from an Army Gal’s daughter’,  reminiscing about her late mother Jean who had been in UK’s Land Army during the war.

Cover 3 of GT#6


Cover 3  featured the `Badger Dance’   – a protest event that took place right outside the Houses of Parliament in London, where Eco-activists held a good-natured `Badger Dance’ to protest against the Government move to cull mass amounts of Badgers in UK country side because of TB disease  found in some Badger population.   Rose Dixon wrote a special feature article  on Badger Dance.


Issue#6 (above) will be taken off-line in a few weeks, so if you are interested in any of the articles mentioned above, visit Gaian Times NOW to read them. 


By the way Rose Dixon (one of the Key contributors to GT) has a magical / eco blog at

The next issue of GT is due to be published in March 2013, (subsequent issues will be in June, September & December (tbc).   But before march’13, Gaian Times Special Volume#1 will be coming out later in Feb’13 (in a few weeks).

-Mani Navasothy



Blast from the past: Pagan Dawn Magazine No164 (Autumn 2007)

Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164 (published by The Pagan Federation)
Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164 (published by The Pagan Federation).
ISSN No: 1357-5147

I was just writing about moving hose..  and sifting through old documents in the shed (and the Garage is still untouched .. 😦  )  Well, here’s another thing I found downstairs, in the corner of a bookshelf in the dinning room, burried under a lot of old videos (yeap, they all have to be either given to charity shops or thrown out!)

As some may know, I started organising Open rituals & events for the London District of The Pagan Federation, from December 2004, till recently (Spring 2012). But of course, apart from the hundreds of documents, web entries, e-mails and flyers and programmes that I myself had created for all those events, there is no `external’ evidence (Am going by the strict wikipedia guidelines!  For any claim to be valid, some entry bya  3rd party publication needs to be provided).  This is a key principle for all budding Esoteric Entrepreneurs – especially Authors, Writers, Tutors, Public Figures etc.

So me finding this Magazine is  quite valuable indeed.

Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- contents(art work by Mani Navasothy)
Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- contents
(art work by Mani Navasothy)

This single issue was edited by Kitty McIntyre before Sheena Morgan took over as Editor in the subsequent Samhain/Winter 2007 Issue of Pagan Dawn. In this the following items appeared that were relevant to me.

  • Art works (on Content page3, page 23, page 27)
  • Credit to Artists / Artists profiles (page 49)
  • Outline of the events I had been organising in PF-London (page 14) – in `Around the Federation’
  • Jean Williams’ account of the `Gaia3 Convention’ that I had conceived and organised (page 32 & 33) – where my then title as `London Events Organiser & Deputy District Manager’ is stated in print.

Such published  documents (3rd party) where one’s works are credited / cited – are important  for any and all Authors, Artists & Experts. These all fall under`professional validations’ – and we do need them in the modern worlds, where trust & credibility building are important for our every ventures.

So here are those pages I just mentioned.



Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- artists profile for Mani Navasothy
Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- artists profile for Mani Navasothy

In the Artist profile for my entry, I  begin by saying,

`Art is very sacred to me. I often paint long into the night and get lost in it. In the morning what I see seems surprisingly alien and amazing to me.’   I go on to say, `I’d categorise my art as fantasy, science fiction and visionary. The human elements, environment and magic are the themes.’   Interestingly, I finish by saying, `I hate selling or loosing my work – it makes me wonder how a spider would feel when we break its webs!’

I say interestingly, because, that was 2007, and this is me now on the eve of 2013 – where I am planning to sell some of my old and new art works. Well, reality is, we all have to do something to earn a living – and to use the Spider analogy, we have to use our own resources to make that living..  A spider spurts its resin and spins a web – to catch its vital food. Likewise, we must use our skills and talents to create or provide things which in turn bring us an earning.

Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- p32- gaia3 convention
Pagan Dawn autumn 2007 -No164- p32- gaia3 convention

Here, then District  Manager Jean Williams, says of the Gaia3 Convention for PF-London,

“Suitable venues in central London are expensive so we were very nervous about embarking on this venture, but the vision and infectious enthusiasm of Mani Navasothy, London Events Organiser and Deputy District Manager, soon attracted a team of eager helpers determined to make it a success.”

I shall do a detailed blog – another time- under Esoteric Enterprises – on the now chiseled in stone event, Gaia3 Convention’ – how I conceived it, named it, came up with innovative ways of funding it (we had no money to begin with!) and how its unique themes and activities evolved. (Feature `Wyrd wall’ threaded through and became the 4th PF-London convention some 3 years later..  after Gaia-Fortuna & Gaia-Sol conventions).

-Mani Navasothy

related  stories / links

Memory Lane: Workshops at Witchfest Uk 2003 

My cleaning up work on Wikipedia entry for The Pagan Federation (examples of editing & citing references)

Image magic: Creating the PF-London logo

Yule Rites: A new book on Winter Ceremonies & Rituals.

Yule Rites  by Manivannan Navasothy – NEW Book Out now.  Over 50 pages – explores the the symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals.   Includes 3 full and varied rituals that anyone in a pagan group or coven can do, or facilitate as an Open Ritual.

 download this FREE within the next 3-4 days. It will be available in Amazon Kindle soon).

Visit Witchcraft and Magic website  (also available at Pagan Frontiers of London)


Somewhere between Magic, Religion & Science lies reality and life itself.

Yule Rites by Mani Navasothy 2012 - exploring the symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals.
Yule Rites by Mani Navasothy 2012 – exploring the symbols, ceremonies and traditions of Winter Solstice rituals.

And Yule Rites (Winter Solstice Ceremonies) have always been about the Hope and celebration of Life, Light and renewal of Hope  – at the darkest hour.  And dare I say – the months leading to this moment have been getting darker, in real terms as well as on a personal level.  Like icebergs, huge chunks of my life have broken off and fallen into the cold Abyss.  It may be because of stellar influences – like the Uranus-Pluto oppositions that are with us on and off between 2012 to 2015, or a cumulative result of some intense Eclipse magical works I did.

Or perhaps, the World really is going through a major shift on 21st December 2012 – the supposed end date of the previous Mayan Calendar, and what we are all experiencing are those re-birth pangs!  Which brings us back to Winter Solstice – and rebirth of the Sun-child.

Included in its entirety are 3 Yule/Winter Rituals, which I had personally wrote and enacted in 2004, 2008 & 2011. So you are not just reading a book on Yule Rites, but have the choice of actually doing some rituals – and riding on the energy streams which have been created already by those rituals.  Photographs of those rituals & set-ups will be on slide show presentation on my websites, so you can take a look at what we did, and gain more ideas.

This particular project (Yule Rites) originally started as a Webinar to be broadcasted for December 2011, following on from our Halloween & Samhain webinar on  31st October 2011.  However, the Solar & Lunar Eclipses of November took much of my focus (that’s resulted in several Astrology Webinar, and 2 Books.. so far!) So I am pleased to finally complete the `Yule Rites’, albeit in a book form!  And guess what? As per the original idea of sharing knowledge openly in a Webinar, this book is initially free for any and all to download. And then it becomes available as an eBook for purchase on popular online portals.

What started out as a very short Guide, just a few pages to hand out on websites for new comers to Paganism at each seasonal festive time, has grown into what you see here. So I am not just pleased, but very pleased in deed.

As always, I’d be very happy to hear form you – comments & constructive criticisms, and even suggestions of what Guides & books you might like to see me publish. Under the Gaian Times Social Enterprise Initiative, we have plan to start publishing `your’ books too! So get writing!  It’s the perfect time for birth of new ideas and ventures!!

Best Wishes & Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

(December 2012.  London, UK)


1.  Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft.

2. Yule Rites – Symbolism, Traditions & Ritual practises of Mid-Winter.

Sun Gods from around the World.

Sun Cycle: Earth orbit & the Seasons.

Dark Days of Winter & Equation of Time.

Rebirth of Sun:  Myths & Rituals.

Druid Rituals at Stonehenge (England, UK).

Battle of the Holly & Oak Kings and ritual killing of Wren.

New Beginnings & New Year Resolutions.

Yule Log & Fire.

Mistletoe – between the worlds.

3. Sun Worship at Winter.

Hindus:  Sooriya & Festival of Pongal

Mayas & Aztecs: Tonatiuh &  Inti

Egyptian: Ra, Horus & Isis.

Mithras of the Romans.

Festival of Saturnalia.

4. Christmas Connections.

25thDecember : Christianising  the Pagan Festival

Virgin Mother.

X’mas tree.

Dis-integration: Satanising an old God.

Saint Nicholas:  Green vs Red Santa (the media rewrite!).

5. Yule Rituals & Magical Work.

Ritual words & communication with your Deities.

a) A  Wiccan Coven Yule Ritual (2011).

b) A Public Winter Solstice Ritual with Sky-God & Earth-Goddess (2008).

c) An Egyptian themed Winter Solstice Ritual with Isis & Horus  (2004).

6. References.: Books & Websites.

7.  Articles & Online Resources.

Appendix 1: What is Paganism?.

Appendix 2:   8 Major Pagan Festivals.

Appendix 3: Pagan symbols.

Appendix 4:  Concerns of Satanism, Devil worship & Human Sacrifices.

Appendix  5.  Online Resources.

Appendix  6.  Other Publications by the same author .

For other books by Mani Navasothy, please visit Mani’s Amazon Author Page here.

Kindle Books by Mani Navasothy. Available for purchase now.
Kindle Books by Mani Navasothy. Available for purchase now.

Introducing..Esoteric Enterprises Initiative – for Pagans & magical Entrepreneurs

Proud to present the formal launch of the Esoteric Enterprises Initiative!   

This Introduction video that explains the Aims, Objectives, Networking, Rewards & benefits of this new Gaian Times Social initiative – created mainly for pagans, esoteric practitioners, New Age people, Spiritual &psychics who are looking to create or develop their esoteric business ventures, online presence, products and community services – with a view to wealth-creation for themselves and for their communities.

Interested Pagan & esoteric people can go to the http://www. website and do an e-mail Opt-in to receive weekly, fortnightly and monthly bulletins and free tools/ tips on how to build online platforms, internet marketing, social networking, SEO and other techniques for building own enterprises!

Related sites: (free online quarterly magazine) (eco-spiritual organisation. Registered not-for-profit company) (Mani Navasothy’s professional site on products & services)

-Mani Navasothy

And now for a personal statement on Astrology, transits and personal conflicts

As most know, I follow Jonathan Cainer – astrologer!

I began reading his daily forecasts in news paper about 15 yrs ago, back in my Home Office trolley pushing `Admin Assistant’ days.. I’ve grown to like his character and his witty, cryptic way of offering forecasts.  And I’ve studied his forecasts while looking at the transits from an Ephemeris on my own birth-chart, to work out (reverse engineer!) how  news paper sun-sign forecasts are done.. (Thank you Jonathan Cainer. I have given thanks to you in my new eBook `Astrology for Eclipse Magicians’ – kindle version 🙂

My own calculations and working out transits on my charts (I did that few months ago) indicated that my life is about to go through some intense phases..  There were 2-3 important factors..

Saturn moves out from my house of Creativity (which gave me hope that finally my creative lessons are learnt and I will start to make much progress.. A year or so of hard work at home writing is now beginning to see results…as my books start coming out one by one ..almost off a production line.. – 3 so far and 2 to come out… just at various stages of edit or format)

Pluto squares my natal Uranus – affecting my house of transformation & house of creativity – This means that in general my life was about to go through a major death, rebirth and intense transformation period (am still in the middle of it..!) Power struggles are part of this transit.. as are control, manipulation etc. As it’s a square, it’s about experiencing these and trying to act.  (squares force you into incredible mental gymnastics and expect action.. Compromises are for oppositions, but squares are about taking action to resolve issues).

Saturn in my work & duty sector was opposing natal saturn in my friendship & social sector- This is quite major – half the pain of a saturn-return..more or less..  I expected clashes of authority – mine & others. But it was bigger than just that. It was to affect the way I work, the way I think of duty, service, serving others, as much as the areas of community, friendships, social situations.

Anyone with basic astrology knowledge of houses will agree more or less with these.

Well, in addition to my own calculations, I also purchased Jonathan Cainer’s  3 month personal forecast for myself – and quite a lot of similar conformations, and new elements I had not been aware of. Effectively it is about my midlife crisis – working out where i have been and what matters and where I am going!

All these things have now started to come to pass.

At some future point, I shall tell the whole story  – not now, as am busy with my creative ventures  (even as I write this, my `public history’ is either being erased or re-written by others in positions of authority.

But reading Jonathan Cainer’s forecast for Sagittarius (few days ago) got me amused..

“Mistakes are easy to make. By this, I don’t just mean that they are easy for you to make. They are equally easy for us all to make. The people who think that they are somehow immune to this rule and have mastered the art of error avoidance, are, of course, the most mistaken of all. Let us keep that in mind, this weekend, as you now find yourself compensating for what could be considered as a series of mistaken judgements. What matters, is not what went wrong but what can now be done to make something right.”  (

There are people out there who have judged me as having made all sorts of mistakes. And now the rest of them  are saying, `let it go’. Quite convenient ..for them, if I just did `let go’. ..wouldn’t it?  The biggest mistaken judgement I ever made in the recent decade is trusting so many people, and championing other people’s causes and their organisations.. While I compensate for other people’s group shadow projections on me, I find that my own projections on others have now broken..

I was checking Jonathan Cainer’s forecast for my sign today.. This is what he says.

“We spoke yesterday about moving goalposts and changing rules. It remains true that you are not in a stable situation. Things do keep altering. But you can either let this be a source of enormous irritation or an excuse to start instigating some adjustments of your own. Under the influence of the eclipse, the only question you really have to ask yourself is, are you being fair to the essence or the spirit of an agreement, even if it seems as if nobody is being very true to the letter of the law as it was last laid down?”

This has got me thinking…that close people often complain (in the nicest way) that I keep changing things…Well, my explanations have always been that it’s because factors have changed, people who are committed to ventures with me have changed their levels of commitments or participation etc, and so I’ve had to alter things. In a modern day where everything is going fast at 300mph, how can anyone expect me to stick to my promises, even thought the governing factors are in flux?   Yes, I do get that some things need to be stable, and fixed so that it gives security for others to build on.. BUT I have found myself to be rather tired that it’s me who is expected to remain stable and un-changing, while all else have the freedom (laziness at times) and luxury to weave in and out without firm promises and commitments of their own to me.

So erm, I’ve zapped that rule. Am not obliged to keep any promises I made to anyone (except my marriage vows of course). This i n many ways is Freedom!

The late Maureen Brown – Wiccan High Priestess & professional Psychotherapist – one who taught me 2 years worth of trans-personal psychology & counselling techniques – would be proud!

That reminds me, I must write about her one day 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

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Great News all,

In all the excitement of uploading the books that I had been writing, to Amazon, I totally forgot about creating an Author page in Amazon 🙂

Well, Just sorted that, and created a full page.  And it has a bit of my Biography on it too. (and a formal Biography being published in 2013 ..of course! It’s called…ah, well, all will be revealed soon :0)

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