Paintings (watercolour)

These paintings are mostly water colour on `normal’ paper or drawing paper. `S’pears of Destiny’ is the earliest in this collection, and dates to  September 1990 (some months after the accidental demise of my father). The last one in this collection, `Earth Healers’ dates to September 1996 (just about the time I was beginning to explore Pagan spirituality & ritual magic). After which time, no such works have been painted- a very long 14 years of `Artist’s block!’). However other types of creative works have been produced, such as ritual masks, posters, sculptures, landscape art and numerous website graphics & photographic art.

Theme:   These paintings work closely with their respective titles, and often have a twist or word-play amidst them. In addition, the recurring theme is one of tragedy, ecological and animal welfare and romance! Later works have a pagan and magical theme.

Numerous other art works have been created using pencil following these, but not (yet) painted. They can be seen in other galleries.

The age old dilemma of any artist is whether to `explain’ the painting or not. I feel it satisfying to `talk about’ some of the paintings, how they were inspired.   Over the next weeks, I shall be adding comments under each painting.