Sets & Props

Sets & Props

My earliest  set & prop work was in University (for the `Velapan & Minachi’ musical by the Malaysian & Singaporean Society in King’s College London), around 1992-3. And it was a full proper stage, and I was the `sets & props designer’!  Looking back on it, it’s either very brave or very foolish to have volunteered for such a task- but I had and it all went well.

The 3 Masked Balls I organised to take place on board The Queen Mary (ship moored permanently on the river Thames) were my next major props work- (Pirates of the Thames Ball, Angels & Demons Ball, and Masquerade Ball).  Photos of their backdrops are in this slideshow.

The Pagan Federation Conventions gave me similar opportunities to get creative (Gaia3, Gaia-Fortuna, Gaia-Sol conventions).

At home, just for fun, I started making a full scale DrWho prop- no less than the TARDIS! But I never finished it. But K9 (the robotic dog) was finished.

More recently, for the `Blue Moon Festival (Oct 2010) I created fabric based backdrops and banners – as they had to be carried by hand in trains to get there- not easy when I had to prepare a whole venue!