Making films has always been an aspiration for me.  In 2011, I began my youtube channel Gaian2012, and with it, started making short pagan & esoteric videos.  These covered Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft, Events, Festivals, socials etc.

In 2013, I began making a Doctor Who Fan film series (11 episodes) and in 2 years, had learnt so much about script writing, blocking, location filming, making props/costumes, filming and editing (oh the editing!!).

In January 2016, a shift occurred!  I began venturing more into dance / music / story telling videos…(and not just Esoteric / magical videos, features or DrWho fan series!). A number of great creative collaborations with my friends have come about..

Here is the music video I filmed / produced for Joie de Winter and her first song `SongBird’

Below is a video  I filmed/produced for my friend Melanie who had the idea and performed a belly-dance in the style of `Mother of Dragons- Game of Thrones’ !

There are many project that are nearing completion and I will put links here as example. And of course there’s so many of my own ideas/ videos to work on .. features, story telling, fan videos, covering events, interviews erc.

I am always interested in co-creating/ collaborating with friends and other professionals in Digital Film Making projects.   These can be either as hired works or free joint venture projects.  So please do get in touch.

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy  (Digital Film Maker / Video Producer)

links to my channels

visit Gaian2012 – Mani’s Esoteric channel

visit Doctor Who London – Fan film series!


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