Outdoor Spring Equinox Ritual & Earth Hour Gathering (London) on 23rd March’13

Here’s some details (and a pretty graphics 🙂 ) about an outdoor Spring Equinox Ritual ..that my friends and I are organising in London next Saturday 23rd March’13. It’s part of the Hern’s Tribe rituals (we have been doing now for over 8 years).   Of course that Saturday 23rd March happens to be also EARTH- HOUR

Earth Hour is observed between 8.30pm  to 9.30pm.. local time…ie where ever you are in which ever Country, you observe it when it’s 8.30pm for you.

So we are also going to stay out in the woods, have a small bon-fire, sing songs, chant, feat, have a few glasses of wine or mead.. and generally be thoughtful about Mother Earth, as well as share merriment.

If you are in London on that afternoon, or evening, come join us for one or both..  Details here:

-Mani Navasothy

London Spring Equinox & Earth Hour 2013 Gathering
London Spring Equinox & Earth Hour 2013 Gathering

Hern’s Tribe Outdoor Event

Saturday 23rd March 2013

Join us for outdoor Spring Equinox Ritual & Eco-Magic. (*between 4pm- 5pm). After ritual, we will be starting a small camp fire to keep warm during feasting & socials, songs and drumming.  You are welcome to observe Earth Hour with us and continue the festivities (between 8.30pm – 9.30pm).

venue & time Meet at Coombe Lane Tram stop – 3pm-3.15pm. (Get to East Croydon Railway station, come out and take the `New Addington’ tram line. Our stop is only 5 minutes from there).

PLEASE wrap up warm. No matter what, it gets cold later. And it’s difficult to doa ritual or enjoy a social (even with a camp fire) when you feel cold! We will be setting up a small camp fire, and also rain sheet cover (also protects us from winds).

Please bring Food & drinks to put on altar and share in feats afterwards. Bottle of wine is ideal.

Bring masks, drums or other musical instruments. be open to singing & chanting. It makes a happy tribal environment 🙂

Contact point:

Please phone via 077689-41373 to confirm attendance if possible (not essential…Just turn up if you like and wait for us at Tram stop).  If making calls or texts, please  note- We highly encourage you to make any calls before the actual day itself, as we get very busy on the day.

Weather factor? Our Rituals go ahead whatever the weather. So have faith, and just turn up. It usually ends up being a good happy magical event 🙂

Health & Safety:   Ritual involves walking through woods with uneven ground. May not be suitable for anyone with walking difficulties. You are responsible for your own Health & Safety in the woods.



Hern’s Tribe Rituals site

Full Moon wiccan Rituals site

Pagan Frontiers of London

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