Ritual for Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour  23rd March 20138.30pm  to 9.30pm
Earth Hour 23rd March 2013
8.30pm to 9.30pm

It’s Earth Hour tonight…between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, your local time..  !   The most obvious activity suggested by many is to switch off all non-essential electric equipment..  and thus reduce the drain on our respective Nations’ drain on Electricity generation..  which has tended to create much carbon footprint…and so harms the environment.

Quite apart from anything, there is so much light pollution, and for  shot while, perhaps that can be reduced.

Every year, for some while now, I have been leading friends and pagans (especially ones in `Pagan Federation London’  and general public) on a simple 1 hour walk along the London’s river Thames..    with candles in lanterns or jam jars..   It’s quite a pretty sight.    We then gather at one spot and do a simple Earth related ceremony or healing.

Well, this time (tonight) am planning to change that habit, and observe the Earth Hour in a nearby woods (Croydon). I’ve come up with the following ceremony,which you may wish to do on your own, or with group of friends. It’s very easy to do.


Requirements  for a Ceremony (if doing this outdoors)

As many candles in jam jars, torch  lights (back up), really warm clothing (and water proofs), some food & drinks (hot drunks?) to share.


  1. Gather everyone in good time..   say by 8.00pm at the appointed venue (park or woods or garden).
  2. Light up all the candles in lanterns.
  3. Have a symbol of Earth at the centre (photo, a map, globe) – This acts as a focus.  that is all. Alternatively, you may wish to place a large rose quartz crystal, or at the very least, a large natural rock.
  4. Each person stands with his or her own lantern.  If not enough to go around, spread out the lanterns evenly around the circle.
  5. You may start with all gently circling the central space, while carrying your lanterns. Do this clockwise. This is just to generate a `light circle’ and positive regard / energy.
  6. Additionally, you may like to do a bit of singing or chanting, such as `Mother I feel you under my feet. Mother I feel your heart beat..”
  7. When you all feel it’s appropriate, one by one, place your respective lanterns in a small tighter circle at the centre. Return to the larger circle.
  8. When all have done this, all hold hands, while facing the central `light circle’.
  9. Send positive energy, well-wishes, love, and good regards, healing….to the central space..  Visualise a light-beacon forming at the centre with all your energies adding up.   Let this beacon be a light of Healing for all who need it (Earth, animals, people).
  10. Stand and hold this position and the imagery.
  11. When ready, imagine the light circle and the beacon slowly sinking into the Earth, where it will add all that positivity.
  12. Bring out any food & drinks. Give thanks to the Earth for the food & drinks.  And toast to one another’s health, and for Gaia’s healh.

Remember to tidy up afterwards.  Put out all the candles. Avoid dripping candle wax on woodland soil (it’s pollution).

This is only a suggestion. Feel free to improvise.

Remember, even if it is before 8.30pm or after 9.30m, you can still do this..because somewhere in the World, it hasn’t been 8.30pm yet..

We don’t really need Earth Day to do this. We can do this any time..  and we should 🙂

Happy Earth Hour.


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