Tips for History-wipe & Going incognito (in Google Chrome)

Going incognito in Chrome-2
Going incognito in Chrome-2

The internet is becoming a very `dangerous’ place !

Am not sure if you are even aware – that Google Chrome, an internet browser – has settings for browsing in a private mode (called Incognito mode) where it does not save cookies, or even more fundamentally – you can erase the browsing history, as well as any files that are in the temporary folder and clogging up more and more of your computer memory (temp files are only useful …when you have visited a website, and want to visit it again..  days or weeks later..and want it to be a few seconds faster!  It can be cleared every day…without affecting your internet browsing).

So here, I’m showing (using screen capture) how to do both of these..

A.   How to go incognito in Google Chrome browser

You basically do this, as soon as you have clicked and opened the Chrome.. (before going to any websites).    When you have finished the internet session, just close it. But remember to do this each time you open the browser.

1. Open your Chrome browser.. Look at the far right…top corner.    You’ll see  3 small stripes. This is the button for the `settings’.    Click this to select.
google tip8

Here is a close-up of the top-right corner.

google tip32.  A small `dialogue’ box (with options) will open up on the right hand side..  It will look a bit like this.   The 3rd line in it will say something like `New incognito window’. Select that. A new browsing window will open up.   (The previous one will also be open.  Make sure you go into the previous one and close that!)

google tip4-new ingognito window in google browser

3. The new window will have the following symbol.. on the top- left hand corner.     ( a man wearing glasses and hat..  bit like a Detective under cover!) . While this symbol is there, you know you are in Incognito mode!

B.   How to wipe out History (and delete temporary files) from your Chrome Browser

Every time you visit a website – any website –  it’s files are copied into your browser’s files (and into your computer!) .  These files stay in your computer’s memory (in temporary folder) ..forever!  – unless you clear them!     What’s more, a full trail / record of every site and every page you visited…will also be kept.  (The `History’ of your internet browsing!).      If someone else were to use your computer, they can find out which sites you have been looking at.

Now at home this might be okay but if you are using a an office or public computer, you don’t want to leave a record of where you’ve been… for the next person to find!

So here’s how you clear the `History’   (and those clogging up temporary files).

1. Click on the chrome’s top-right corner (3 stripes ..  `setting’) button..

google tip3

2. As before, a dialogue box (with menu options) will open up on the right hand side..   This time..  select the `History’ option…as shown below.

google tip4- clearing History in Google browser

3. Another box will open up.. Like this.. and it will also have a long list of sites you have visited up to this moment..  (the list is not shown in this graphics…’cos it’s my private list..and I already wiped it before taking this screen shot :-p)

google tip6

4. Now click on the `Clear all browsing data’    button.. The following box with new options will come up on the screen!

.google tip7

Here you can choose different items..   But as you can see, I am a big fan of wiping out everything (history and temp files, pass words, auto fill data etc..)   I also select the  `the begining of time’  option (ie everything upto current moment).   You can alternatively just select `past hour’   or `past day’ or `past week..’ or `past 4 weeks’   .   If you choose that, remember that everything `before’ that specified duration will still be in your computer.


If you also select `clear saved passwords’,  it will erase all passwords you have saved…(like when you log into facebook, and just close the next time when you go lets you in straight away).    That means, next time, you need to enter passwords again..

Recently, a friend followed my advise and erased all history & passwords. But he had not saved his passwords elsewhere…or could not remember his own e-mail password. I had to help him re-set all that.    Don’t make the same mistake! 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

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