London: Halloween social & Samhain Ceremony along Thames (31st Oct’31)

Thames Halloween Walk -31Oct2013We are having a pagan party /walk along the river Thames…for Halloween!!!   Wear Fancy dress…Masks.. Witchy Cloaks.. Wizard attire.. Ghostly look…werewolves & Vampires welcome! Bring your carved Pumpkins… Lanterns with light or candle in it..!

Join us on Halloween Night in Central London on…31st October 2013.. by Millennium Bridge (Tate Galley side) to start a fun social Walk..along river Thames…!  Every year, we’ve organised `Tamesa: River of Souls’ Samhain ritual on the banks of river Thames. This time, because of high tide, we can’t get down to the water. But we certainly can have a fun Halloween social!

Date:   Thursday 31st October 2013

Time: Meet-up by 7.00pm

Meeting point:    Millennium Bridge –  the `Tate Modern’ side

Bring some easy snacks & drinks to share on the way too..

  • We will do a short Samhain Ceremony to honour the Spirit of Thames & Ancestors first.. on the green outside Tate Modern Gallery. Then begin our social walk.
  • We’ll be heading towards London Bridge …past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.. and Borough Market.. (“When shall we Witches meet again..?” !!)

No end time.. Stay as long as you like.. and leave when you want. o this is a fun & serious event.. Just come join us..

Safety note:

No swords…no athames..and you are responsible for your own good behaviour and health & safety!!)


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