TODAY: Peaceful demo outside the Illegal Wildlife Trade Summit – London

Action for Elephants UK and Care for the Wild will be outside the international Illegal Wildlife Trade summit on 13 February to send a message to the attendees that the public want an end to the slaughter of elephants for their ivory. We would like to welcome NGOs and all wildlife groups and concerned people to join us in showing world leaders that we want them to take action to protect elephants and all endangered wildlife. We hope that other groups working for endangered species – including rhinos, lions, tigers, orang-utans, whales, among so many – will be joining us at the summit.

On February 12th and 13th London will be hosting a global conference on the illegal wildlife trade. The conference is taking place at the highest level of international leaders to date and will address the catastrophic threat posed by the illegal wildlife trade to the survival of endangered species as well as to international security.

The aim of the conference is to produce an international action plan and the political commitment needed to crack down on the global illegal wildlife trade.

The event is being hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron, with the support of Prince Charles and Prince William, both strong supporters of wildlife conservation. Some 50 heads of state and representatives will be attending, including a senior minister from China (which is responsible for 70% of the world’s consumption of ivory).

Action for Elephants UK and Care for the Wild will have a peaceful public demonstration outside the conference to demand an end to the slaughter of elephants for their tusks. We are calling for nothing less that an outright ban on the ivory trade and for all countries to destroy their ivory stockpiles.

We welcome everyone along on February 13th to join us and help us send a loud and clear message to the world’s leaders to ACT NOW to save elephants and other threatened species and to stop wildlife crime.

The summit will be held in Lancaster House, we will be positioned out side Marlborough House, at the end of Cleveland Row.

-Mani Navasothy


facebook Group:  March for Elephants (Action for Elephants UK)

facebook page: Eco-Spiritual eMagazine: Gaian Times (not for profit)


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