Uranus Retrograde begins: Storm warning for Aries & Aquarians

Uranus retrograde in Aries starts up again tomorrow (22nd July’14) and will go on till 22nd December 2014. Already you may be experiencing disruptions, irritations, unexpected Chaos, accidents, rebellions and sudden urge for social upheaval/ changes..! This is mainly due to this energy influence. My advise is.. remain calm…keep trying to gain perspective.. and where others are `dumping on you’ ..try to separate those issues as theirs… While you can be helpful, don’t let those energies enter into your own psyche..and upset you.. Be helpful ..but keep perspective.. Easier said than done I know.. But it is also going to be a period of some much needed changes…and they are a comin’..whether you like it or not. Manly affects Aris, Aquarians and well..all of us in some form or another. -Mani Navasothy


Uranus retro in Aries -july2013 Uranus retro in Aries -july2013

Latest:  Uranus retrograde:  22nd July 2014 to  22nd December 2014.

I never know if I should blurt it out or be airy-fairy about upcoming tough times. And in the end I go with the advise my HPS gave me… `Don’t hide important news.. People are adults..and they have the capacity to deal with whatever comes their way’ (event the ones who think they can’t..to most extent!)

So I’ll say this..   as Uranus now starts retrograde motion in the sign of Aries..  and will now so for about 5 months..  it’s going to get difficult for Aquarius people (because Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius)..and it will also drag Aries people through some hard times.. (because Uranus is going retro in Aries).   It’s a bit like having a guest  (Uranus) in your home who is going through a rough patch..and that will affect…

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