Coven Loyalties: How many covens can you join? ( vlog by Mani- Wiccan High Priest)

Initiatory Wiccan covens have `rules’ or hidden protocols and boundaries. Not all are written down, but they are taught and passed on to new trainees and new initiated Witches who join covens. But some trainees & initiates, knowingly or unaware, breach these boundaries. Not just them, but even some Coven leaders are prone to smudging the lines.. fostering confusion with initiates. In my 25 year experience in The Craft (Wicca), either directly (my own initiate) or indirectly (other covens), I have seen these breaches occur. It has often led to disharmony, conflicts of loyalty, and even spelt the end of Covens, relationships and friendships.

When a trainee of mine recently asked me if s/he could continue to be part of another magical group …after having a wiccan initiation (from me!) I was reminded of this issue and thought it must be talked about, and addressed. So that all can be educated. Many things could have been addressed in this video.. but it’s a spontaneous informal video-blog.. not professional lecture. So do watch this, and take its message to heart ..!

Bright Blessings.


Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest

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