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Meteors in 2017

Hi all..  a friend (Jemima Marriott) mentioned seeing a bright shooting star 2 nights ago..and it made me realise that I’d not made any notes about meteors..not only for this coming year but all last year (2016).  So a quick search on some reliable astronomy site has produced the following data.


Major Meteor Showers in 2017

Shower /  Radiant & direction / Morning of maximum/  Best hourly rate / Parent

-Quadrantid /  Draco (NE) /   Jan. 3 /   60-100 /  2003 EH1

-LyridLyra (E) /   April 22 /  10-20 /  Thatcher (1861 I)

-Eta Aquariid* /   Aquarius (E) /  May 6/  20-60 /  1P/Halley

-Delta Aquariid /   Aquarius (S) /   July 30 / 20 /  96P/Machholz

-Perseid*  /   Perseus (NE) /  Aug. 12 /  90 /  109P/Swift-Tuttle

-Orionid  /   Orion (SE) / Oct. 21  /  10-20 /  1P/Halley

-Southern  Taurid*  /   Taurus (S)  /   Nov. 5 /  10-20/  2P/Encke

-Leonid  /   Leo (E) / Nov. 17 /  10-20 /  55P/Tempel-Tuttle

-Geminid /    Gemini (S)  / Dec. 14 /  100-120 / 3200 Phaethon


 Data taken from

I’ll write more in these soon…But this should be enough for all to atlast to male a diary note..and more importantly..  look up at the heaves for these messengers 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

ps.  Here’s when i stayed up and actually caught one on camera..few years ago. ..back in 2013.

Night Sky in June 2013- what you can see (NASA video & summary)

Butterfly Nebula: Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble
Butterfly Nebula:
Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

What’s up in the stars for June 2013?  Am talking about astronomy now, and what you can see (mostly with naked eye, and some with small telescopes).

Here’s a video from NASA, that explains all the special features for June 2013.   (you can also download this video for your own personal view, at the NASA site! How good are they!)

Summary of video

1. Mercury, Veus & Jupiter

Can be seen just after sunset, in the West-North-West sky (in the constellation of Gemini)

2. Meteor Shower

On 11th June. High in SouthEast sky around 4.30am.  You can see the rare `Gamma Delphinids’ meteo shower  (close to Aquila and a small constellation called Delphinus).

3. Four major Asteroids

Ceres, Pallas, Vesta & Juno are the first 4 asteroids to have been discovered. All are visible this month. Ceres & Pallas near Gemini, Juno near Aquarius.

4. Asteroid 1998 QE2

This one passed by Earth not so long ago – on 31st May 2013! A medium-large telescope is needed now to see it. Look south after the Constellations of Libra & Ophiucus.

5. Milky Way

By the end of June, Moon is rising very late, by midnight, so that gives plenty of evening / early night  time to look at the night sky..and without the bright light of gthe moon, parts of our galaxy Milk Way can be seen..  (as a fine dust of stars in bands that are obvious to miss. I saw this some years ago and was amazed!)

By the way asteroid Watch in NASA at

-Mani Navasothy

ps. The Butterfly Nebula can not be seen by naked eye or normal telescopes from Earth. I was merely sharing another beautiful image from NASA 🙂

NEWS: Stag found in Surrey Garden

NEWS flash – just  in..  Stag found in a garden in Surrey..   and it took 4 of me to tame it a bit..well, long enough for a Photo shoot…  The animal was released without harm, but decided to stay on 🙂

Stag Lord found in Surrey Garden - photo- Mani Navasothy 2013
Stag Lord found in Surrey Garden – photo- Mani Navasothy 2013

Here’s the story of this garden sculpture..   Last year, summer time, due to various wrangles…I had the extreme misfortune and sadness to prune/ cut large amounts of the Willow Tree and other tall ever green trees in the  garden. But I promised myself every piece cut off will be used.. So these sculptures are now surfacing .. 🙂

Stag sculpture - Art of Mani-co-uk
Stag sculpture – Art of Mani-co-uk

and here are the photos I used for the composite image above. 🙂  I used the software `Photoimpact 11′  (no longer supported by Correl I think.. I really must get going with Photoshop Elements..  It’s been in my laptop for 3 years..)

stag lord in surrey - photos used for composite graphics (c)MN13
stag lord in surrey – photos used for composite graphics (c)MN13


check more of my art & eco sculptures at

Photo of post-Full Moon, Jupiter & Orion’s Belt

Moon & Jupiter 30Nov12 0258hrs gmt south-west sky

Here’s a photo I just took of the South-Western sky (from London)- Today’s day 30th November 2012 – at 02:58hrs gmt.

It shows the post-full moon (over exposed and causing a lense flare!)…and to the right of the moon, the brightest spot is planet Jupiter.

And to the lower left of the moon is Orion the Hunter…you can clearly see his belt!

It’s an average digital camera I used..  I set it in a tripod and set on manual mode (so it takes as long as it takes for an exposure..and t took a good 5 second exposure – hence the dark sky looks almost day-light…due to over exposure..  from moon light and light pollution of course!)  Oh,to avoid hand-shake of camera, I also set the timer for 2 seconds..pressed the button and waited.. (3mega pix settting).



Concrete & Dog-Rubbish inside Ancient Oak Trees in Richmond park

Dog rubbish inside Oak tree in Richmond Park, London

I was in Richmond park earlier today, doing some photography, as well as some magical work this afternoon.. and I was utterly dismayed to come across some unsavory rubbish – not just in the usual places (in fact no rubbish in the usual places)…but INSIDE some very old Oak Trees!

I love ancient oak trees – especially the ones with a hollow central part.  Most old Oaks have it.. but if the outside bark is complete..then we never see the hollow inside section.  As part of natural wear and tear, parts of the outer bark drops off, and `an opening appears’..  This,over time widens (especially if people and or animals go in and out often and chip bits of the edge off).

Those hollow oaks are magical places- sacred temples. I mean, how often does a human get to be inside another living being – after birth?  Think about it – we all were inside our mothers’  wombs – and once born, we never can go back..  and we don’t ever get inside another living creature in our lifetime – unless of course, we can  step inside a hollow living oak tree!

So today, I was exploring and came across one hollow oak – that had  large chuck of bricks & concrete block – someone had places inside (possibly as a seat?)…and I managed to move it out and chuck it far away from the tree…and later, I found another hollow oak tree with a small plastic bag – of dog excretion!   Honestly- people who walk their dogs in these conserved Royal parks..   could easily carry their dog excretion and put it in special bins..  Why just dump in the woods? and why – or why put it inside a hollow oak tree?

It’s already very bad to have any sort of carnivore excretion introduced to the Richmond  park..  The excretion contains chemicals and substances that are not local to the Richmond park habitat, and it introduces unwanted ecological (bacteria) intruders …which can upset the food chain, cause bugs to grow and even cause diseases to the local wild life such as Deer (300 Re deer and 350 fallow deer live in Richmond).

Am not making any of this up.  All this information comes from notices in the park itself.


So…doggie-owners – do nature a service – don’t put ya dog-crap in the park..and certatintly, don;t be so bloody lazy and hide it inside trees!  That’s the worst thing you can do to those trees..(putting infection right inside them!)

-Mani Navasothy


Trial of a Time Lord (pt1): The Kangaroo Court

Doctor Who- Trial of a Time Lord. Photo by Mani.
Doctor Who(c)BBC

Doctor Who – one of my all time favorite TV shows – I’ve just been watching one of my old video tapes..

In the story `Trial of a Time Lord’ – the High Council of Gallifrey (Doctor’s own people)  take him out of time (sort of a `hi-jack’) and start with an `inquiry’ into his behavior.

“By Order of the High Council, this is an impartial inquiry into the behaviour of the accused person- known as The Doctor – who is charged  that he on diverse occasions has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a Time Lord. He is also charged with on diverse occasions of transgressing the first Law. The Doctor is an incorrigible meddler in the affairs of other peoples and planets”   – says Valeyard , the Court Prosecutor.

The proceedings start and the Prosecutor begins showing `evidence’  – bits of scenes gathered and presented, with parts of it censored or deleted (for security reasons, he claims). As the Doctor was yanked out of Time, he has temporary amnesia, and plays along with the `inquiry’  in order to get to the bottom of things.

And of course, what started off as an `impartial inquiry’ starts to evolve alarmingly – against The Doctor!

“These proceedings started as a mere inquiry into the Doctor’s activities. I am suggesting that now it becomes a trial. If he is found guilty, I strongly suggest the termination of his life..!”   blows the Court Prosecutor.

(Of course it is later revealed that the High Council was corrupt, and the Valeyard was hired to scapegoat and destroy the Doctor.. in a trumped up Trial.. There is more to the nature and identity of the Valeyard, but that’s a big psychology topic for another post!)

`Trial of a Time Lord’ –  first broadcast by the BBC in UK way back in 1986 (produced by the late John Nathan Turner). It is a 6th Doctor story (starring Colin Baker, who is currently on `I’m a Celebrity..Get me out of here’ on ITV..). By the way, few decades ago,I met Collin Baker in a science-fiction convention..  I won the first prize for creative art, and he gave me the prize on stage for me (but I also got to talk to him informally that day).  I have a photo of us somewhere…must post it when I find it 🙂

So this story `Trial of a Time Lord’ – it is one of my all time favorite .  Not just because it’s my first proper viewing of Doctor Who shows in UK..when I was beginning to understand English (back in Ceylone, I didn’t know English!)..  but because if the actual over-reaching story arc of the `Trial of the Time Lord’. It is of course about what we call `Kangaroo Court’ –  where a collection of individuals adjust, fabricate or  keep misrepresenting evidence, in order to reach their pre-fixed decision or judgement. It is a clever way of seeming to have a `public impartial trial’ – just to get what they already want- ie the condemnation of the accused. It is done in many dictatorial countries and systems… as a way of getting rid of people who otherwise pose a personal threat to the Controlling Body.

You see – at that time in the UK (1985-86) ,  Doctor Who (show) had come under heavy criticism by a few politically minded people.. (Mary Whitehouse?) who was attacking it for its story lines of guns, killing and violence.  Collin Baker’s 6th Doctor came after Peter Davison’s 5th Doctor – the Edwardian Cricketer costumed `nice guy’..  So am sure it was a shock to many people..  to see a Doctor who was seen to be impulsive, rash, radical, had his shadows showing here and then, and one who did not pull punches!

The Forfeit – Drwho art by Mani Navasothy
(The Doctor vs Valeyard)

I believe- and so do thousands of others – that Doctor Who stories of that era had far less violence that could be seen in other shows and films of the time.  (No one complained about all the other shows…I mean look at Star Wars?)   I think it was a politically motivated Witch-Hunt on Doctor Who..  and it manipulated public’s feelings with some threat of how children watching Doctor Who are getting badly influenced (right…and what of the hundreds of video games where children get to shoot, torture and kill…kill..kill.. with their own hands…with hyper-realism?!)

The BBC halted production for 18 months (until then Doctor who had been regular for every year..since 1963!!).   So when it came back on TV in 1986, people were watching it cautiously ..BBC was  cautious…and so the good Doctor Who was on the storyline..and for real too.   (sadly, after that series, it was suddenly changed…They scapegoated Collin Baker the Actor (for portraying the Character as it was written), instead of the writers for their stories…and instead of giving him decent new stories, they junked the whole thing-   cowardly scapegoating  damage control to shift blame..!

It was an unfair time!   And similar things happen to real people in real world communities and situations.  Guess what? It happened to me recently. But that’s another story..and this is about Doctor Who 🙂

Now here’s an art work I did many years ago..  showing the battle between the Doctor and the Valeyard – who wants the remaining life-force of the Doctor! It shows chess pieces.. Black Knight up and the white Bishop down..  The dice shows a total of 13 points..  representing the 13 `incarnations’ that a Time Lord has, and of course the `Hanged-Man’ card of Tarot – showing the Doctor being hung!   This one didn’t win the prize…but am fond of it. 🙂

Till next time..

Mani  (rebel Time Lord) 🙂

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British Druid Order Ritual used in London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony!

Screen shot of closing Paralympic closing ceremony broadcast on 9th sept’12 -(c)Channel 4

Last night while watching the closing ceremony of the Paralympic 2012, many pagans around the UK (and possibly around the world) can not fail to have noticed the obvious `pagan elements’ in it.   Ex-Soldier Rory McKenzie (who had lost one leg due to raodside mine in Iraq) – stood on a stage high above the crowd in the Olympic stadium, wearing a leather jacket, and appearing to be `reading a book by hand’ (brail?)  spoke certain words.. calling to the spirits of Autumn, Winter, spring and Summer…and the energies of Water, Earth, Air & Fire.

“I call upon the Spirit of Summer. The spirit of fire, of energy of passion; spirit of the noonday sun, the heat of summer, vitality and abundance. 
I call upon the spirit of Winter. The spirit of earth, of the womb of creation; of the night and the snows of winter, deep roots and ancient stones. 
I call upon the spirit of Spring. The spirit of air, the breath of life; of sunrise, of new life and new growth. 
I call upon the spirit of Autumn. The spirit of water, of the ebb and flow of emotion; of open seas and running streams, of cleansing rain; spirit of the evening sun, of twilight and of Autumn.”

Rory then went on to talk about the Earth, Ancestors, Circle and more..

“The circle is unbroken,
The ancestors awoken.
May the songs of the Earth
and of her people ring true.
Hail to the Festival of the flame
of root and branch, tooth and claw,
fur and feather, of earth and sea and sky”

It now appears that those words were indeed taken from a special Druid Ritual, with permission – but that the Druid Order was sworn to secrecy by the Organisers of the Closing Ceremony..  so they could not reveal this news to any pagans..

Their blog gives full details of this as follows>

“We were sworn to secrecy beforehand, but Emma Restall Orr and I were approached by the organisers of the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony with a surprising request. They wanted our permission to use parts of the gorsedd ritual we wrote in 1997. So, about 20 minutes into the ceremony, these words went out to 750 million people around the world, spoken by Rory Mackenzie on behalf of Help For Heroes..”- (GreyWolf)


-Mani Navasothy

Video: Olympic Champions Victory Parade (London 2012)

This is a brief slide show with aero fly-past video clips, of the crowd who gathered at Trafalgar square (London) on Monday 10th September’12, to celebrate the Champions of Team GB (Great Britain).
All clips/ photos filmed by Mani Navasothy. Music (license free) purchased from premiumbeat.


Mystical magical symbols at closing ceremony of Paralympics London 2012

Closing ceremony-parlympics 2012- mystical symbols

We are still watching the closing ceremony of the paralympics (London) 2012..   (and did you know that the word comes from `parallel Olympics’ shortened?)..  on this day 9th September 2012..  and it struck me that ..quite apart from the obvious `fire festival’ theme, and the most fabulous opening parts ..where the ex-soldier called the spirits of the east, south, west & north,.with the energies of the seasons autumn, winter, spring & summer.. there is that whopping big floor design ..that seems to be covered in mystical symbols..  especially looking like the ones from the Keys of Solomon?!  Yeah!

I’ll be getting a better screen capture, and looking at the symbols carefully and comparing with my little book of The keys of Solomon..(ah a secret hobby of mine)..  but it’s quite remarkable.

And then there is that big ol’ green man/flame design.. 🙂

closing ceremony-fire festival – parlympics 2012

here are some early pics..

Expect more :-)…as my sister is in there watching it all live..and will be doing lots of writing and uploading her videos soon..:-)

-Mani Navasothy

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Proff. Stephen Hawking’s words at Opening ceremony of Paralympics 2012 (London)

Olympian Gods in (UK) Big Brother House (Gaian Times feature)

Gloriana- Queen’s Barge carrying the flame in river Thames (London)

Promethean Legacies (mythology of Prometheus) discussed in feature article of Gaian Times magazine #5 

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The Greatest Adventure (more inspirations from Paralympic2012 Opening)

Having written the closing words that Professor Stephen Hawking said, I like to share the inspirational words spoken by Sir Ian McKellen `in character’ as a sort of Wizard – in the Paralympic (London 2012) Opening ceremony.

“I found my zenith doth depend on a most auspicious Star.

Miranda, your greatest adventure still lies ahead.

You’ve delved into books. You’ve seen yourself humanity’s shining limitless possibilities. You’ve sailed away in search of that light – and observed the World of Sciences and the Universe.

And now your next step – Be Your self. Be who you truly are.. and help to change the world, for all of us here!”

-Sir Ian McKellen (at Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Paralympic games. 29Aug’12)