Mystical magical symbols at closing ceremony of Paralympics London 2012

Closing ceremony-parlympics 2012- mystical symbols

We are still watching the closing ceremony of the paralympics (London) 2012..   (and did you know that the word comes from `parallel Olympics’ shortened?)..  on this day 9th September 2012..  and it struck me that ..quite apart from the obvious `fire festival’ theme, and the most fabulous opening parts ..where the ex-soldier called the spirits of the east, south, west & north,.with the energies of the seasons autumn, winter, spring & summer.. there is that whopping big floor design ..that seems to be covered in mystical symbols..  especially looking like the ones from the Keys of Solomon?!  Yeah!

I’ll be getting a better screen capture, and looking at the symbols carefully and comparing with my little book of The keys of Solomon..(ah a secret hobby of mine)..  but it’s quite remarkable.

And then there is that big ol’ green man/flame design.. 🙂

closing ceremony-fire festival – parlympics 2012

here are some early pics..

Expect more :-)…as my sister is in there watching it all live..and will be doing lots of writing and uploading her videos soon..:-)

-Mani Navasothy

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2 thoughts on “Mystical magical symbols at closing ceremony of Paralympics London 2012

  1. Thanks for this post – and comment by lairbhan. I’ve been following the Olympic ceremonies quite closely, and writing about it on my blog, and couldn’t get a lead on the symbol. To me, it still looks like someone is pulling the strings, and is intent on something fairly whacky…

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