Olympian Gods in Big Brother House- GT prediction comes true!

Gaian Times magazine #5 (Olympic special) – features article `Deity Dozen’ by Rose Dixon

What can I say, but very well done to our resident psychic Rose Dixon who has been contributing regularly to Gaian Times eco-magazine.

In the latest issue (#5, released 4th August’12) the Olympic Special,  Rose wrote a feature piece called `The Deity Dozen: An Audience with Big Brother 2012′.

Rose Dixon  begins by saying, 

“This is an imaginary scenario of what a programme could be like if the Olympian Family accepted the offer of going into The Big Brother House for 12 weeks to raise their profile in the 21st century”

It is imagined that they would do so because they want to prove that they are not old has-beens and that they have a part to play in modern society. Their peacock, owl and dove feathers have been ruffled a bit by the rising popularity of Vampires, Werewolves and Men in Black.

Big Brother thinks, in its infinite wisdom, that Gods and Goddesses should be able to stay in the house and work out their differences as they are made of sterner stuff than us mere humans. It would be interesting as they all bring their special qualities to the house..”


“Deity Dozen are in the House!” – graphic for the feature piece in GT#5

Rose then goes on to begin..

“The first housemate to enter is Zeus who is introduced as the Alpha Male, the big boss. His luxury item is a thunderbolt which he says he has a tendency to zap people with if they annoy him, which apparently is not very difficult. He punishes those who break oaths. He is married to Hera but is famous for his affairs which should be interesting in the house because there are cameras everywhere.

The presenter says that he would give a bit of background as they did not make an audition video.”


Well, today I was watching the Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 (around 9pm BST) and guess what?  There were Gods & Goddesses in Big Brother House!  It started with Zeus & Aphrodite, and as they tested the mortals, they began to choose one from each trials, to join them in Mount Olympus (another room with cctv to spy on mortals) as one of the Gods..

So far they had a `trial by elements’ (fire, water, earth & air) and the winner was made Aries god of war..and following another trial of mortals making sacrifices (of their luxury items, their vanity, their privacy, their food etc), another (who poured a bucket of fish slime over himself) was chosen as Poseidon God of the Seas.

Al I can say is, the prediction by Rose Dixon has come true. And Rose starts her own blog today…What a day to start!  She must be psychic…Oh yes,I forget…she is..:-)

Follow her blog at RoseDixon.net


`Trial by Elements’ – ‘ in Big Brother House (Celeb Big Bro) 2012
Screen capture of Chan5 TV (28aug’12)


`Mount Olympus’ in Big Brother House (Celeb Big Bro) 2012
Screen capture of Chan5 TV (28aug’12)

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