Doctor Who: A Screw-driver gone too far?

All this talk of ultra-sounds and technology got me thinking about that ultimate do-it-yourself  tech device – the Sonic Screwdriver – from TV’s Doctor Who! And about Dr.Who itself.

In the old days it was a novelty tool.  In 1970’s, Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor used various devices from the TARDIS’ tool of which was the sonic screwdriver;  Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor who used it quite a bit in and around the Galaxy..  for opening control panels; It was getting used too much as a fix-all prop, so the then-producers decided to get rid of it. So in one story it actually got blasted by enemy fire (Cybermen?).

But it came back in the new series in 2005 – with the Christopher Eccleston’s 10th Doctor. The show-runner Russel T Davies said he didn’t want silly things like doors to be a problem for the Time Lord. So the Doctor opened doors with it. and did a few extra things..  and it became a few more extra things..  Now, the bloody thing (ah, now you get my feelings on the matter) seems to do pretty much everything!   It scans, it alters frequencies, it collapses clones’ DNA, it opens machines, sets up force fields, keeps someone’s body-imprint in its pattern buffer (erm, Transporters from Star Trek?!)

In one story of the 2005 series, Rose asks the Time Lord, `gimme some Spock. Will it hurt to give me some Spock?’   And now it seems the (T)rusty old sonic screw driver IS more than Spock!  It’s almost a weapon..  the way the Doctor holds it often and points… either in publicity photos or in the stories. It has so many protruding bits.. it’s practically a Claw.  A tool of many trades!!  And even when it gets destroyed, the blooming TARDIS generates a new (improved more bulkier) one and just pops it out for the Doctor!

Can the Exec.Producer/ Directors/ story tellers  please make sure the sonic screw-driver gets blasted out of Time..  put into a Time-lock …never to return? (and another thing- if something is time-locked, I don’t want to see it again. Don’t bring back a whole civilisation and a planet out of time-lock again!!)

And please, write-in a new device for the Doctor – a sonic
stethoscope perhaps (which can double up as a sonic-shower attachment!!)  Now that would be Cool!

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