Comparison: Self-Help Book vs Apprentice Course

Yes, I know.  I myself have and am writing several self-help books (Eclipse Magic!), as well as  running Apprentice Course (e-Witch). I did a personal comparison, to explain the benefits to my clients/students online. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments. Thanks. -mani

Self-Help Book  vs An Apprentice Course

What’s the difference?

 There are thousands of Self-Help & How-To books on the market, and there are a few hundred Apprentice-style courses!  What’s the difference? After all, don’t they both tell the reader what to do certain things and how to do them??  And why should you opt for an Apprentice course/ training rather than a Self-Help book? I answer these below.

Self-Help Course / Book Apprentice Course / Training
It’s a One-off Buy. Often there is a series of modules.


You have no contact with the Author / tutor. You have regular contact with author / tutor.


No contract between student & tutor. A `contract’ exists between student & tutor (even if it is a loose `understanding’ in some cases).


Student is on his / her own from start to finish. Student has reliable and guaranteed mentorship from start to finish.


Occasionally student can contact author. Reply is one-off. Regular communication from student is `expected’ by tutor, and planned in. Author/ tutor is committed to addressing student’s learning challenges  – no limits.


Student is 100% responsible for planning & managing own training by following the Book. Tutor takes up to 50% responsibility for planning and managing the student’s training.


Student may pick and chose chapters / modules (our of order it is intended). Student is highly encouraged to follow the steps / modules in correct sequence for deeper and progressive development.


Often Shot term design. Quick-fix results. Student may rush learning. Longer term commitment serves better results. Training designed to embed learning deeper through experiential approach.


Linear subject-matter training. One area at a time is targeted for training. Parallel subject-matter training. Many areas & skills are developed gradually.


Student trusts self. Student is asked to trust the Tutor’s judgement, even on matters that may be  counter-intuitive.
Parts of the course may fulfil the student’s immediate need. Rest of the course often left unfinished. Aims to fulfil the long-term needs of the student, even though short-term needs my not seem fulfilled. Tutor contact motivates students to stick to full course.


No bond between student & author/ tutor. Long term bonds develop between student & tutor / author.


Total fee low. Student pays for information, and step by step instruction. Collected fee higher, as student pays for Value,  Experience & time of the Tutor. Training program will change and evolve to suit the Student’s unique learning needs!


Many authors offer this. Fewer authors / tutors offer such 1-2-1 commitment over longer terms.

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