Besoms & Brooms : A Witchy Tool in the making

In my outdoor Witchcraft & magic workshops, participants looked on making brooms as a huge task. I myself used to worry that it has to be of a certain wood, twigs have to be o a certain bush..etc etc. But you know something – I have always made very quick brooms..

This video just caught my eye as I was looking at my youtube channel..and I was bowled over to find it had over 2000 views. Wow! Well, am glad and hope it helped some of those people make their own quick brooms 🙂

I was doing some writing on Samhain/ Halloween and wrote a bit about Besom…so am including that write-up here too, for completion sake..

Besom/ Broom: A Besom is traditionally constructed with Birth twigs, sheaf of straw, Broom twigs (hence the name `Broom’) and bound to a shaft of Ash handle. It is used as a tool in Wican or Witchcraft ceremonies – for sweeping away negative energies of the space where ritual will take place, as well as to mark a boundary. For example, in Pagan weddings, called Handfasting, the married couple jump over the Broom, to symbolise that they have gone from one stage to another (married) stage in their lives (together). The broom is known in medieval times to be a tool for levitation and `flying’ by Witches to get to their rituals (a common story heard in olden day Witch Trials!). It is more likely that the shaft was a Staff used in magical work, and it was conveniently hidden inside a brush (a Broom) – so that if and when the Witch Hunters came searching, they would only find a broom. A further speculative use for the Besom is related to the Witch straddling it for various reasons, or jumping up and down on it in fields to `instruct’ crops on how tall to grow! These archaic (and speculative) practices do not occur in modern day, and the only use of the broom is as mentioned above- for sweeping negativity away, and to mark boundaries.

Well, now you know about it, and have seen how you can make one easily..

Go on…just pick a branch..collect some twigs…and make that broom.. and start sweeping the negative rubbish out of your magical life 🙂 Good luck.
Bright Blessings

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