Woodland & River Thames Samhain (Halloween) Rituals in London

Hi all,    happy to announce plans are firming up for 2 Samhain rituals..

  • Saturday 27th October 2012– Near Croydon (south London area) – is the Hern’s Tribe Samhain (woodland) ritual..  meet-up at 3pm.  (british summer time).
  • Wednesday 31st October 2012 – Central London (underneath Millennium Bridge) – is the Tamesa London Circle’s (river Thames) ritual.. meet-up at 8pm.   (GMT as clocks would have gone to GMT again).

All who are interested are Welcome.  (New comers with no ritual experience are welcome too..  we are friendly and we explain things before we start!)  🙂     Click links/ graphics  to read more about these two ritual groups…(HT started by me…in 2004, TLC started by April & me in 2006).

Here are the pretty graphics / info for them both:-)

Hern’s Tribe Samhain – 27Oct’12 (Croydon Woods)

Hern’s Tribe meets for each of the 8 seasonal festivals, in an outdoor woodland setting, for rituals and socials. For this Samhain ritual, we plan to have a pathworking that takes participants on a spiritual journey to connect (through blood-lines) to their ancestral tribes of times old- for empowerment. There will be some divination work afterwards, as well as magic with a potion brewed in the Cauldron for wisdom & knowledge (works a little with mythology of Cauldron of Cerridwen & myth of Taliesin). Don’t worry..it’s just herbal tea (hopefully fresh fennel we can pick from local park or garden).  


Tamesa London Circle’s Samhain Ritual – 31st Oct’12 – by river Thames (central London)

Tamesa  London Circle: We are gathering by the river Thames on the 31st October’2012, around 8pm by the Millennium Bridge (St-Paul’s side) ..for this annual ritual. It’s an evening where you can dress up freely in your Witchy, pagan or magical robes, cloaks and attires…and be seen.. as everyone else is busy doing their fancy-dress parties in London. An opportunity not to be missed. We will facilitate a very simple ceremony.. of creating sacred space, calling ancestral quarters in place of east, south, west & north…and honour our ancestors as well as the thousands of spirits that inhabit the river Thames (from the bodies & bones that have been thrown into Thames for many centuries…).

In Greek mythology, Charon the ferryman sails souls of the dead across river Styx to the Underworld (he requires coins as payment). So for this night, river Thames (meaning `dark one’) stands in for river Styx, and as token gesture for our ancestors’ spirits, we will offer small coins into Thames..

  • Feel free to dress up..in your best Witchy or magical robes, cloaks and attires for these events..   🙂 Bring pumpkins, lanterns…and especially food & drinks to share..
  • Don’t forget…warm waterproof clothings…it’s outdoors so will be cold.  Our rituals tend to go ahead whatever the weather (we’ve done then even in snow!)

Bring food and drinks to share…for the social afterwards…After all it’s our Halloween festival

-Mani Navasothy

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