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Great News all,

In all the excitement of uploading the books that I had been writing, to Amazon, I totally forgot about creating an Author page in Amazon 🙂

Well, Just sorted that, and created a full page.  And it has a bit of my Biography on it too. (and a formal Biography being published in 2013 ..of course! It’s called…ah, well, all will be revealed soon :0)

So here;s the link to my Author page in Amazon.




2 thoughts on “My Author Central page in

  1. I have peeped at your Kindle books. They look very impressive. Congratulations on crossing that bridge into publishing and good luck. I am getting a Kindle for yule/xmas but shhh I think it’s supposed to be a surprise, then I can put things on it!

  2. Thank you Rose. Happy to say the `Coven Guide: Become an initiated Witch’ is now also up here 🙂 Y ou know what, I actually don’t have a Kindle..but have a Cobo (got that for my birthday last year from April.. I used to say that when I actually have published online I’ll have deserved it…but she was of the opinion that having a kindle/kobo is a good motivating factor..) It’s got colour touch-screen with internet stuff and all …So I know you’re going to enjoy this gift you are going to get soon 😉 I’d say get writing your stuff now.. Happy to see your blogs are flying and so well received by the world. xx

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