Thoughts on Diplomacy & Politics

I sometimes think that Diplomacy is a double-edged sword – in that it appears to serve both parties, but the `Diplomat’ surely must have an inner personal motive, or some sort of loyalty – to even start engaging in the process. Often in heated battles situations (wars!), the Diplomat does not rise from one of the warring sides. But it is a person(s) from a 3rd party. All seems to go well until tables are turned (and tables always get turned in real life). When a conflict arises in the backyard of the Diplomatic Agency or person, how they react often determines their true metal!

I find that Diplomats are fine, and preach much noble ways, as long as they have no personal involvement. But should there be any, the very same people seem to react in the most undiplomatic manner. Governments, agencies, and people in positions of power have all done this. In this sense, I think of diplomats as rather cunning and cowardly. (The word Self-serving comes to mind too – but then show me one person on this planet who is not self-serving?! We all are!)

I’ve thought about global  examples..   how the British or American diplomats enter Eastern war zones and carry out mediations. Fine and dandy. But when some sort of war comes to their own lands (home), all such approaches seem to go out the window!  Local and national governments, or governing bodies – who perceive the  threat don’t sit around calling foreign diplomats to help. No. They get their military in ship-shape first; and their weapons; and their internal security measures, surveillances.. and of course they start to pass new laws to defend themselves, and to give themselves `new legitimate’ powers – so they can do anything, and call it `okay’.  Look at all the cameras around London..  look at all the new laws..  all since the few  deaths by terror attacks on a bus, a station or a building in a few Western cities. But out there in the rest of the world, whole cities are getting blown to bits – and that some how seems to be acceptable..

If you think I am talking about international wars and peace  processes, and that none of these will touch you personally – think again!

How well do you know the politicians and Diplomats in your community? When I say `know’ I mean their real darker sides that you don’t see – because you never challenged their core, and so they never have had reasons to show a personal retaliation. Politicians in power  do play long games well…  they are good at it..  a hand-shake here, a hug there, kiss a baby here, make a speech there, cut a ribbon here – and stitch someone else in the dark!

Think about all the Dictators in the world – none of them gained power through war. No. First they won their people’s hearts with politics, diplomacy and promises. And when they were in power, they started making deals, and secret promises to their loyal commanders, and threats to anyone who dare oppose them..  That’s how their empires grew- and it takes decades sometimes.. for true colours to show.

It is not guerilla warriors who employ terror tactics. Politicians do it 10 times more. Politicians in power use outside events ( a bomb here, an attack there) to their advantage – and use it to stoke people’s fears more..  and offer solutions in the form of new measures, rules, systems and laws! And they line their supporters in other places of power – so that when a `democratic vote’ takes place within an elected body- they are sure to have support.  It all looks perfectly democratic. But beneath the surface, their shadows move and grow!

I’ve never liked politics or diplomacy. Just can’t trust it.  Am a get up and go kind of guy.  Am an action man – who shows his happy face and the angry face – as and when it happens. I growl, I snarl, and do fight tooth-n-nail to the last drop of my blood. My family & friends might not like it, but they know what they are getting..

My darker side is in full light of the world!   Can diplomats and Politicians  say the same?

I think not.

-Mani Navasothy

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