Wicca Full Moon Rituals in London for 2013

Wicca & Witchcraft - Monthly Full Moon Rituals 2013 - London
Wicca & Witchcraft – Monthly Full Moon Rituals 2013 – London

Wiccan Full Moon Rituals in 2013.

If you have a strong interest in Wicca as a pagan religious path, and like to practise wiccan ritual & full moon magic in an outdoor setting, very much under the building energies of a full moon every month, then this is a great opportunity. These ritual gatherings will be outdoors in quiet parts of woods & parks we choose (mostly in north London). Our aim is to really connect with lunar energies, build trust with each other, and so do deeper magic.

The rituals will have a standard Wiccan form – mainly consecration and creation of sacred space (magic circle, elemental quarters), energy raising, meditative & invocative work with god & goddess, ritual magic and feasting. Our website will show the full ritual, and as we will use the same format each time (with only slight full moon variations), you can learn the fundamentals of practical Wicca quite easily – if you attend regularly. The presence of initiated Wiccans in these rituals will give you additional opportunities to build trust and so converse, discuss and learn more.

Because some of the Full moons coincide with few of the seasonal festivals, there will be 10 full moon rituals in total for this year (2013). Those interested in the seasonal festivals are welcome to attend our non-wiccan seasonal rituals (also in woods & parks).

Dates of the Full Moon/ rituals  (January-June 2013)

Full Moon  Ritual      –Saturday 26th January
Full Moon  Ritual      — Sunday 24th February
Spring Gathering & Earth Hour Ceremony – Sat 23rd March.

update (Aug’13) :   Please see website for all future dates :



 Those interested in Wiccan covens and Initiations can read `Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch’ – published by us.   Read about Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch

-Mani Navasothy

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