Imbolc Video 1: A Plea to Winter Goddess

Mani Navasothy, High Priest of Wicca presents a video (part 1) marking the pagan festival of Imbolc – that occurs at the end of January in the northern hemisphere.

Imbolc is said to be the time when the Winter Goddess who has kept her grip on the land loosens her hold, so that the ice melts and waters break and flow again. It is when the Goddess Bride (Brigid) `returns’ to the land. Her path is lit by candles, symbolising the return of light and warmth which is imminent. Bride is a Goddess of poetry, inspiration, healing, knot-magic and weaving. With her, she brings the gifts of 3 flames!

In this video (part 1 of 2) Pagans ask the Winter Goddess to leave, so that Virgin Goddess Bride may enter, bringing with her healing, poetry and magic.


Watch part 2: A Call to Bride – Virgin Goddess of Imbolc and coming Spring time.

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