The Year of the Dragon I’ve had

The new moon in Aquarius today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Snake! So here ends the previous Year of the Dragon.

In the Year of the Dragon, quite a lot happened in my life:

  1. My friend Ping got married, and had a Son (Chinese people have a tradition of having marriages early in the Year of the Dragon, so that they can then conceive and have a child born in the same sign…Dragon being the most auspicious sign of the Chinese Zodiac. So well done to my friend Ping & his wife Christine. I had the honor of driving the various relatives of their families to venues for the 2 big ceremonies & celebrations in Spring last year). And I was in charge of the major Photography. I think being the only non-chinese person, it was quite a privileged event to have been part of).
  2. I published my first Book `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ just prior to the major Solar Eclipse in May 2012 (connections of Snake swallowing the Sun are part of the mythology. My book gives special Dragon magic exercises to work with, at times of Eclipses).  I also published 4 other Books in Amazon Kindle during the Year of the Dragon.
  3. After 15 years of membership, and 8 full years of that where I had been Events Organiser / web master and a key Officer, my time in the community of The Pagan Federation came to a crashing end – due to the way new National & District Officers jumping to all sorts of conclusions and exhibiting online and private bullying behavior (It wasn’t the year of the Goat! But that didn’t stop a few key people `Scapegoating’ me :-p )  Thankfully, few Elders of the Community were good enough acknowledge my long term contributions to the Community, as well as show support in private communications. So it was  a case of `Empire Strikes Back’ (which leaves plenty of scope for `The Return of the Jedi’.  :-p )

Well, just a snap-shot of the Year of the Dragon I’ve had.

Only time will tell ..of the way this Year of the Snake will unfold.  More Kundalini work is already in progress 🙂

Well, I’ll leave you with the video I made of the New Year Parade at China Town, London, last year.   (Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek blog, and tagged under `personal’  and `society’ !)

Best Wishes
-Mani Navasothy

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