Healing hugs from Pets

Healing hugs from Animals
Healing hugs from Animals.
Ruby at Enfield Town Circle

Few days ago at Enfield Town Circle (a monthly Pagan social gathering), I had first hand experience of  what can be called a Healing Hug from a dog – in particular, Ruby Summer Lee (my friend Marcus’ pet dog ..a Golden Retriever).

I’ve known Ruby for almost a year now..and she is a year old – in fact few weeks ago, my partner and I made a special trip to south london to visit Ruby, and to go for a celebratory walk in local woods! (what else do you do to celebrate a dog’s birthday – give jewellery?   No don’t answer that. I know some people do 🙂

Anyway, last week had been difficult ..for various personal reasons, and by the time I go to the Enfield Moot, I was pretty low on morale and energy. And the first few attendants to the gathering were Marcus and Ruby. And after initial (slightly reserved) petting of the dog (it was in a pub), we sat down. But Ruby would not settle – as she normally would. So I sort of crouched down to pet her and calm her down a bit. But of course she must have had other ideas.  No sooner had I crouched down to her level, she stood up on he hind legs – which brought her to my full (crouched) head height. And she was literally able to put both her front legs (and any mud on her paws) onto both my shoulders, and nuzzle-gently bite my neck.

It was a hug by any other name – no doubt about it. Soon she settled on the floor, and we got on to conversations, and other friends started to arrive. And somewhere in between, I was starting to feel better – and it took me a while to realise the shift – thanks to Ruby’s hug!

It’s nothing new of course to many millions of pet-owners and people who cherish contacts with animals. They’ve all experienced the personal healing touch of their animals.  I’ve had such contact..  stroking cats, dogs. But I believe this was the first time I have had a proper hug from one of them 🙂

More about Ruby Summer in future posts .. as we have lots of interesting events and photos to share 🙂

-Mani Navasothy



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