Psychic Cleansing using Candles & inscribed sacred symbols (Rooting out unwanted energy – intensive work)

First Candle workThere may be times, when you might not even be able to light a simple candle, without having severe headaches.  Have you had such an experience? Have you felt like many things – not talking about obvious everyday troubles and tribulations of life- but unseen things that you can just seen things – that seem to hinder your magical works, or just plain focus?

Chances are, some intrusive energy has clouded your psychic energy centres – and they are preventing you from reaching deeper and connecting to your personal magical power. I am not talking about Ghosts or spirits here (though that can apply too)..  but am thinking of the often unconscious thoughts and feelings of other people – reaching out (because they concern you!) and clogging you up!   If you are even mildly `empathic’   – one who picks up other people’s feelings in a psychic sort of way , this is bound to happen…sooner or later.   Well, it happens all the time, but what’s bound to happen is that these things reach a point of such size that you simply can’t seem to help clear yourself.

There is of course one further cause – your own subconscious thoughts and results of past deeds!  I hesitate to use the word `bad deeds’ as I don’t believe in `bad deeds’ – only that highly selfishly motivated or even plain ignorant and self-serving deeds. We all have a right to want to fulfill our wants, needs and desires – but when those really in some way are becoming intrusive of other people’s lives – with you knowing or unaware (consciously) about it, problems of energy start.

The usual `Mirror shield’ magical protection work may not work…or rather, your energies are compromises such that, you will not be in a position of power to put up an effective mirror shield. Circumstances, intentional or unintentional energies, and even the feelings of others – such as jealously,envy, anger, lust, control, manipulation, harmful intents, sabotage …can all lead to a situation…where your energies are stifled.

If using your own magical or psychic powers / energies is the problem, how can you do any kind of psychic work to rid your self of these hindering energies?

It’s a bit like your personal computer being infected by virus or malware, right into the Operating system!  One of the first things that happen is the virus shuts down your computer’s own safety systems!    At times time that, you need to take drastic and intensive action – like running an external `root out and eliminate virus’ protection scan.

This magical work, evolved out of my personal needs over the past 15+ years of tangling up with magical people and forces, may be of use in your own situation.  Be waned – the work itself is intensive, and can be uncomfortable, and even painful at moments.  (It can be also adapted to dealing with Psychic leeches and entities. I will blog about those another time..  ).

Safety, Ceremony,and finally self-healing – are all important components of this work. Do not skip any of it…!

Step 1:

First step is to spend some time (even if it is 20 minutes) thinking about all possible triggers and causes – Now this is a private work, and no need to write anything down ot tell anyone. So it is important to be perfectly honest with your self!  100%   Think back to any and all instances, moments, interactions where you may have courted such `negative energy’ – from others or from within your self!

Once you become aware of the issues – the resolution, self-healing and protection can begin. Self-awareness helps to identify the problems, or where the problems may have come from. That is all.  There is no requirement to go and confront any offending people, or if it is caused by a personal act(s), making some sort of confession.

Step 2: 

Warning:  This is the ritual side of things.   The imagery and technique described below are quite `intensive’  – and highly likely to produce some  uncomfortable  sensations or even pain such as head-ache.   should that happen, stop the process – take time out, go out and have fresh air, connect with nature – do some gardening or a walk in the woods..   and when ready, return to the candles, and continue (this may have to be done several times).

It is akin to rooting out a `weed plant’ that has grown its roots deep and parasitically covered up your own roots.   Pulling out the offending roots has to be done firmly but carefully, and perhaps in stages.    Sometimes, the offending plant is removed, but parts of its roots break off and remain.    That is dealt with later.

Process: Take 2 Candles – white stick candles are perfectly fine.  And cleanse them with incense, and other usual practices (like salt-water consecration, holding to the Earth etc).

Trident - Hindu weapon held by Goddess Durga & Goddess Kali.
Trident – Hindu weapon held by Goddess Durga & Goddess Kali.

Inscribe one powerful sacred symbol of your choosing – that comes from any warrior or protector mythology, God or Goddess.

Symbols have power, when we use them – because our intentions become attached and imprinted as physical symbols (ie our magic).  But symbols themselves have power – because they have been used by many million  people over many hundred or thousand years.  For this particular work, you’re counting on that fact..!

Suggested symbols:  The Trident (sacred to Shakthi, Kali, Durga – all protective Goddesses in Hindu mythology), The Ankh (Egyptian), The Eye of Ra (Egyptian), Sun symbols (many cultures), Horns & Antlers (Shamanic or god symbol),..and so on.

When inscribing the symbol on the candles, think of them as creating a powerful tool (like a spear, a digging tool, a nail-remover  etc) that will be set to work on literally rooting out the hindering energy within.

Now light the flames on the two candles !

Hold the two candles – one in each hand, and let their energies begin to permeate you.

After adjusting to a few moments, you may wish to lower the flames to each of your chakras – starting with the 3rd eye (forehead) through which you may draw in the energy of the sacred symbol (through light). let it travel within, and below.. to each of the other chakras – Throat, Heart, Solar Plexis, Sacral and finally Base Chakra!   (you can if you wish, visualise the intrusive energy as roots of an unwanted parasitic plant, and let the  sacred symbol cut it and vaporise it.

It is important to take time out of this work – perhaps after 5 minutes or so, and go out to breathe Fresh air – Breath in `golden air’ and when you breath out, eject the unwanted charred vapors  of the offending energy.

Suggestion & safety

The above is a suggestion only.  If in doubt, do NOT do this work.  Also consult any esoteric teachers or friends before doing this work.

Candles and symbols can not harm you.  It is your intentions that can – if misconstrued – cause you problems.

As an additional safety, you may create a magic circle, consecrate it, and call on any of your personal spirit guides or deities for protection, before commencing this intensive psychic work.

Step 3:

  • Completion of this psychic self-cleansing work – the candles don’t have to be fully burnt. Use only as much and as long as you want .. If repeating the work on another time (another day.. weeks or months later), use a fresh set of candles, and inscribe symbols anew.  This is because the nature of your own magical state will be different on that occasion, and it is best to work with what you create for that moment.
  • Go out to get fresh air. Do earth related work. Then also perform a simple `Tree energy’ meditation – ideally by being seated with your back to a real Tree in the garden or local park or woods.  Take in fresh energy from the Earth through base Chakra, and let it flow through all your energy centres and revitalise you.
  • Alternatively, have a long soaking bath – ideally with some salt mixed in with the water!

Disclaimer & contact

I am merely sharing my own findings and esoteric explorations, and can not take responsibility for results or effects you may or may not experience.  However I am happy to be contacted – if you wish to have a dialogue on this matter, and consult me freely on possible explorations.

-Mani Navasothy

Bain-storm (c)ManiN2012Link

Chakra work using Trees (Gaian Times article)

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