Cookies: An Important notice about Internet Privacy

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What are Website Cookies? 

Am sure you have noticed – all professional websites of organisations and companies now have a legal note at the top – telling you about Cookies and how they collect data when you visit their website (s). Well, what exactly is it and what does it mean?

I have just written this `disclaimer/ legal note’  for all the 4 main esoteric sites I create & manage. (rest of my sites will be done soon).

And here below is the information I provided. While it may not be extensive, it will be helpful in you getting an initial understanding of what Cookies are and how webmasters, web hosting companies..and Google uses them..and for what.

Privacy, Cookies & Internet Safety

“Nearly all websites & site hosts have inbuilt software that places small tracking program called a `cookie’ – This collects user data, such as number of visits, where they are coming from (ie which link they used to arrive at a site, or if they did a search, or inputted a web address directly). Google analytics & Host companies provide simple (or complex) program for all web masters to access that data. Some websites actively use complex cookies. We do not do this, but rely on any data collected by Google & our site host.

Every time you visit a website (all) a cookie is placed in your web browser. You can set your own browsers to minimise this, (privacy or ingognito modes can be set) or delete cookies (set borwser to delete automatically on departing a site. Next time you arrive at a site, it will still place a new cookie, btu it will have no record of your previous visit).

Disabling or deleting cookies will generally not affect your viewing of (our) websites. But some websites out there have settings that make some parts of their website not-visible, unless their cookies are accepted.

This advise & info is provided to the best of our knowledge. You may wish to do your own search to be fully educated in this matter.”

-Mani Navasothy. 21st March 2013


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