Healing Powers of Rose-Quartz (and the face in the rock!)

Face in the Rose Quartz - MN13
Face in the Rose Quartz – MN13

Every one should have a personal Rose quartz! That’s the conclusion from my 15-20 years of magical explorations!

Why? Because they are crystals of the heart..  for love..  and more importantly, personal love..or rather self-love!  And unless we each love ourselves unconditionally and accept who we each are, how can we hope to love others?

They work..  to ease, help and support..  and aid the self-healing process.

Preparing rose quartz

You don’t have to do anything major… Just cleanse a piece…run cold water from a tap over it..   keep it in a small dish with rock salt over night, wash in a salt solution for an hour or so..

Do any of these to cleans and charge it up.. put it out in full moon light..over night.. and then..just keep it with you…  Put it in your pocket when you go out..  or under the pillow (if it is a smaller stone!)..  The crystal will take care of the rest..I promise you. 🙂

How I got my first rose quartz

Many years ago, the first rose quartz came into my life, in Oxford, around about winter time, when I was attending interviews (yes, at Oxford University…and no..I messed up and didn’t get the A-level grades they asked for..or my life will be so different now!)

I bought a small rose quartz in a card shop or something..and started reading about it.. (1989?).  And started `working with it’ – that is to say I just kept it with me, and cleansed it at full moons, and bathed it in moon light and …that was pretty much it. I was not an esoteric practitioner by any means..apart from my Hindu background.

Ones that Angels gave me..

I have another ..much larger one that came accidentally in an aquarium.  I bought a piece of rock for my tropical fish tank and put it in…It was months later that one day it dawned on me..that the `rock’ in my fish tank is actually a rather large piece of rose quartz. What’s more, I started to see a `face’ …So I gave my mental apologies to the Angel fish in the tank, and took out the crystal..and put it on my pagan altar..and there it still remains..

I’ve since then had many other rose quartz and other crystals..  and times of difficulties, just pick them up and do attunement work.. Or hold a smaller smoother rose quartz and go to sleep.. (and have to find it somewhere in the bed in the morning..!)

Faces in the stone

Anyway, I was trying to take a photo to put with this  blog..  and guess what…I just caught a new face on another piece of rose quartz I have had for many years. The table lamp must have illuminated it just the right way..and today must have been when I am in the right frame of mind..  for this new face in the stone to be revealed. 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

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