Hanging Earth – (and does it need `saving’?)

Hanging Earth - A sculpture in the ceiling of at Sutton Shopping centre  (c) ManiN13
Hanging Earth – A sculpture in the ceiling of at Sutton Shopping centre (c) ManiN13

Does the Earth need saving?  The short answer – don’t be shocked  – No!

Long answer – the Earth has existed for many millions of years…and in that time, many forms of life have evolved on Earth. And also in that time, the Earth has seen thousands of minor and hundreds of major catastrophes.. from Earth quakes, meteor strikes, Volcano eruptions, Ice ages, heat waves that have lasted thousands of years… birth of new life forms .and the mass extinction of many species…like the Dinosaurs.

The Earth has always survived.. over time..   and we are talking here about geological time..in terms of thousands and millions of years. Animals and species have come and gone.. But none have taken active control and started to seriously affect the environment on mass scale over short term…like man has been doing in just under a few hundred years!

So what we humans are trying to save..when we talk about `saving the planet’  is not saving the Earth..  as it was..  but saving it as it is…for our sake…so we can keep on using and enjoying it.

Yes, we humans have tampered with the Ecology and environment so much …that it’s like we have set our own homes on fire..and anyone living nearby..and any other creatures around are all at risk and bound to go up in smoke.  But houses burn down..   objects turn to ashes..  ashes become soil.. and seeds take root..and new life evolves once more.

Let us be very clear..  the Earth does not need us.  It does not need certain percentages of Oxygen and Nitrogen and other gases..It does not need to have certain temperatures …or certain levels of oceans or polar ice etc.  It can take care of it self..  and it will reach new balance of all those things   in time.. even after what we call environmental catastrophes (a new balance that is most certainly going to be uncomfortable to humans!)

So..what we are trying to save..so selfishly..is a particular state and configuration of Earth’s system..  that is so good for us humans.

That said, since it is us humans who fouled it all, it is us humans who are absolutely and totally honour-bound..to halt further destruction of the Earth’s current environmental systems.. and even to try and reverse the harm we have done..!  Am not sure we’ll get it all done…but each one of us should try….!

We owe ours lives to the Earth..  Let’s stop messing about, and give it all we’ve got!  I made that oath over 15 years ago, and it still stands…

-Mani Navasothy

ps. Earth Day is on 22nd April..  every year!


Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine


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