e-Witch Apprentice Course

The e-Witch Apprentice Course ..was created almost a year and a half ago..by me.. (Autumn 2011).  Here are some details that were in my blog site previously (taken off on 6th March), and now have been added as a sub-page of `Paganism & Magic’ page.  (reorganising my blog).  Look out for some exciting development about this course. We are about to do some serious development of this course 
(and offer modules 3-9 in a totally multi-media manner!).    🙂 -Mani
e-Witch Apprentice Course 2012

The e-Witch Apprentice course combines  nearly 15 years of my  personal experiences.  This extensive e-course is packed with numerous bits of information, explanations, ritual and meditative exercises, photo-guided instructions on making tools, audio-video clips and tutorials  – all of which are  created by myself – with newcomers and beginners in mind.  No previous experience necessary but a commitment to continue the course, as well as being self-disciplined will provide the Students with a strong foundation in Witchcraft, Wicca & Magic.

–>  9 modules covering Basic introduction to Self-Initiation stage.

–>  Modules have extensive info & contents, with explanations, practical magical & ritual exercises and written tasks to complete.

–>  Modules can be completed 1 per month, or at your own pace.

Blessing of wine -Witchcraft & Magic
Blessing of wine -Witchcraft & Magic

Core Components included within the COURSE.

  • Introductions & Information 
  • Energy work & Psychic Development: 
  • Practical work / Outdoors: 
  • Making Tools: 
  • Ritual & Magical work –.
  • Transpersonal Psychology:
  • Alignment, Cycles & Record keeping.

CONTENTS of Modules

Module 1 (details): Modern Witchcraft (Wicca) and its origins;  Personal Influences, motivations & expectations; Wiccan laws and principles;  Altar preparations; Make a Broom and perform a magical Sweeping ritual.;  `Letting-go’ ceremony; Aligning with natural and personal cycles; Prepare your Book of Shadows; Magical candle- preparations, consecration;  Attunement to nature;  Begin personal energy work; Mirror-meditation ( transpersonal).

Module 2: Foundations of Wicca;   Building altars;  Making a magic Wand; Consecration of tools;  Cakes & Wine blessing;  Chakra energy; Quest for an Athame (witch’s knife);  God & Goddess; Personal myths.

For more details  visit    e-Witch Apprentice Course  

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