Sanctuary of the Goddess (Visionary art & ideals)

Sanctuary of the Goddess…  What and where is the Sanctuary of the Goddess?  It’s global and yet within us. A true belief..and an ideal.. for each and every pagan, magician, spiritualist.. seeking the comfort, solace, beauty and nurturing arms of the Great Mother Goddess…who is known by many names..Gaia, Isis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Shakthi, Freya, Tara.. and more..

I was inspired to spontaneously create this open facebook group a month ago..   I guess I am just following an idea, an ideal..? a thought..or even a feeling .That’s all I know…  The name has come to be, so now…where it may go is up to all those who join and contribute..

Arc of Isis - Sanctuary of the Goddess
Arc of Isis – Sanctuary of the Goddess

The art work for it began with the `Arc of Isis../ Dark Isis ‘ (link is here if you want to see that).  . But now I’ve had some more inspiration to do more art.. and what I have used are photos I had personally taken..of places in London, Croydon (Coombe woods), Hasting, Avebury, Scotland, and of course the cave from Cornwall. .

Sanctuary of the Goddess - facebook group (click to visit)
Sanctuary of the Goddess – facebook group (click to visit)

Feel free to praise, promote and honor the Goddess in any of her forms.. Art, creative expressions, poetry are welcome.. as are open honest deep explorations and discussions. Conflicts are okay as long as those involved are brave enough to stay and go deep.. rather than mud-sling and run. Provocations and antagonism are discouraged..if it is aimed at people. Harmony is much valued.

Imagine your place of tranquility.. Express your creativity.. and share your beauty within.

And here is the second art work..  which is a variation on the theme..  Enjoy.. and let your mind wander to these peaceful realms..  It’s out there in the astral already..

-Mani Navasothy

ps. Am happy for these art works to be shared…(but it will be nice if I am credited for it).  🙂

Mountain Sanctuary - art (c) Mani Navasothy2013
Mountain Sanctuary – art (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

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