Society: Why must people of Britain dance on the grave of Margaret Thatcher?

Margaret Thatcher (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Margaret Thatcher (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

When I say `people of Britain’ I mean all those who at this moment have their feet on the soil of Great Britain. So let’s get to the ones who are currently rejoicing, splitting their own spleens, plotting celebrations, protest marches and demonstrations – all against an already dead 87 year old woman – namely Margaret Thatcher!

Here’s a Question to those who are so angry that they are planning demo’s …or blasting such negativity on various internet & social network platforms..:  What is wrong with you people?  And why now? What do you hope to achieve by it all?

The woman – Margaret Thatcher – who passed away few days ago at the age of 87, was 3-times democratically elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. Let’s put a spot light on some key points here – Democratically elected!  Not once or twice..but three times.  The country chose her.  Did I say 3 times?

If people didn’t like her style or ways of politics or the way she was running the Country, then why keep electing her ..again..and again? But it happened. And as far as I know, there were no Vote-fixing, or military intimidation..or anything of the sort that has happened in some other so-called democratic countries..   No one forced anyone to vote for her.. yet people did. So no point then putting the blame (if there is any) on the woman.

As to the question of why now..?    For haven’s sake..  if there ever was a time to protest – democratically – it was while Margaret Thatcher was in power as Prime Minister.   People had had 11 years to do it then..   and if people did, and it didn’t go anywhere…well, then I can only conclude that not enough of the majority (did I mention democracy) wanted change bad enough to all come together and protest..despite whatever circumstances opposed them.   And as Great Britain was not under military or any sort of Dictatorial leadership, people had the power and freedom.. full stop.

Okay, so perhaps people felt powerless or intimidated by her leadership..  (we are talking about billions of people in the whole of UK here!). And then the inevitable happened. Her own cabinet plotted against her..  (People power..  democracy at mysterious ways).   And she finally left her post..

If there was another moment to rejoice and plan demonstrations, there was the chance. She was no longer in power. People could have had their street parties then..

No.. people waited..  and got on about their lives..  for almost 2 decades..

And then ..`after’ she dies…of natural ill-health..   people now plot and plan  demonstrations..   against  dead woman..  the first woman to become Prime Minister in the country that created the first people-power parliament in the world!

This `dancing on the grave of a dead person’ is absolutely pointless, and utterly cowardice!

Collective expression.

It’s been common for mass of people ..or rather the emotions that are sinking into their human Collective (psyche) to surface at perhaps unexpected times ..and triggers.   Uk mourned for Princes Diana when she died in a car accident. It’s not that everyone loved her, but everyone’s own feelings of suppressed grief needed an outlet..and the death of Diana provided it. People rejoiced at the wedding of Prince William & Kate..  It’s not that everyone loved them…but people had a need for celebrating, and their wedding provided the opportunity. So did the Queen’s Jubilee events..

And now, with the nation’s Economy and people’s finances in dire nose dive..  (not just hitting the ground, but seem to be heading for the depths of Underworld), with no end in sight, with crisis after crisis, faith in government and banks…and papers all fast decaying..    people need to vent their frustrations..  and anger..

And’s an opportunity ..  to dig out a 20 year old repressed feeling..  (some people who are about to do these demo’s weren’t even born 20 yrs ago..that’s quite a joke)…

Trouble with the world is, while someone pushes their neck in the grand noose, and takes on the weight of the people ..and works hard (doing their best), everyone lets that happen..  And then years or decades later..  people choose to act..   It’s not just unfair, but inhuman..  to want to protest against an ex-leader who did her best.. in dire circumstances.

People should not blame Margaret Thatcher now..  as they had 11 years to get rid of her then.  People should not protest now..because they’ve had almost 2 decades to do that too. (If people do want to protest, do it for a better reason..  to make a point to the current government or banks about

Next blog: How to send Love & Light energy..!
Next blog: How to send Love & Light energy..!

current circumstances! !)

The sad thing is, even in death, Margaret Thatcher is serving the Nation- by giving people a trigger to expressed their current suppressed frustrations (even though they are retro-projecting it all onto her).

Rest in peace, Margaret Thatcher…  Iron Lady..! My respects to you!!

-Mani Navasothy

7 thoughts on “Society: Why must people of Britain dance on the grave of Margaret Thatcher?

  1. We’ve had some intense sharing of views in my facebook page. Here’s what my friends have been saying..

    Pete says>:

    “Ok. First point is this. When the news of her death came through, IMMEDIATELY, the right wing pronounced that there must be no criticism if her…respect the dead. IF she had been a leader that the people loved, then there would have been no reason for the right to say that. The common man despised her, and despise her memory, so when a state funeral was spoken of, that just rubbed salt in the wound. Then you get the rich nuggets spouting about what a wonderful stateswoman she was, none uttering the truth that is know by millions affected by her cruel policies.

    Second point. There WERE demonstrations against her policies….the poll tax riots. She introduced draconian changes to the law that cost poorer people a lot of money, and they demonstrated. She changed the law on demonstrations so the police could clamp down on any dissent.

    Point three. The opposition were very poor, with Michael Foot not exactly looking like a leader, but a sound politician, then Neil Kinnock, a red, so unelectable by many. She was elected once on the back if the Falkland war, which she started when her popularity was at an all time low. That Is why Wednesdays military funeral is in such bad taste, as her political career caused the death of many British and Argentinian people. She had the Belgrani sunk when it was outside of the maritime limits, and steaming away.

    Point four. Her deregulation of the banks is the cause of this current worldwide recession. She is responsible, even in old age and now in death, for the destruction of many countries economies, for mass unemployment, and for more deaths.

    Point five. This heartless bitch did nothing to stop apartheid. She hated non whites, and saw nothing wrong with the way blacks in Africa were treated, plus she had a blossom buddy in the form of Pinochet, evil dictator of Chile.

    Six. She destroyed whole communities in these islands, without reason. She brought down the power of the unions….no problem with that as they had brought the country to its knees, but to continue blindly on with her vendetta was unforgivable. Those societies have never recovered.

    So, if the right are going to sing her praises for her being the finest, I will sing out about how evil she was, and say about the lives she destroyed, and continue to say what I have felt about her since she came to power. I have not just come out of the woodwork…I have hated her and her harmful policies always.”

  2. Jackie says>
    “To hear people praise her when she despised the ordinary working people, the poor, the rebels and the rabble, the unions who stood up for their rights, and did her best to crush them, showing no mercy, makes me sad and angry. The reason people are celebrating her death and likely to protest at her funeral is because the damage she did to our society is still being felt by the very people she was so determined to destroy, her work carried on by those who are in power”.

  3. Hannah says>
    “i cant understand how anyone can admire someone who wanted to crush society…old people DIED becuase they had no heating and she said, put an extr jumper on and a hat….. she killed inocent people, hated non whites..called mandella a grubby terrorist…took milk from children, let police beat people sensless… remebr battle of beanfield.. took children away from parents who were protesters..nationalised everything forcing us to buy from abroad when we had our own industry..almost full employment to over 3 nd half million umnemployed… sold off social housing and did not re-build..made so many unemployed that they lost thier homes they bought unde her encouragment..rows and rows of streets with for sale sighns… HOW COULD YOU ADMIRE THIS EVIL????”
    “she broke the back of society all of it in the uk… she taught people to be selfish and uncaring and that is why our society is the way it si today… allme, me, me and i dont give fuck about anyone else… she made it that way… so please do not spout out you admire her, this is offensie to millions of peole who died, lost jobs, lost homes, got a lousy schooling, got beaten the hell out of by police, had children taken from them, were thrown onto the street simply for having mental health problems… so many issues… she may have stuck to her guns on everything, but that everything happened to be harmful in every way.”

  4. Caitriona says>
    “I see a lot of sense in what Mani says. I am not a Thatcherite and many who know me will know I have always said she is to blame for the selfish society we have created and many other things that have arisen from this including the demise of education in th Uk. But she was voted in by the majority. Surely to celebrate someone’s death is to celebrate her return to the source! The time to protest was when she was in power. A sick old woman is no threat to anyone. I would also like to point out that without care in the community there are people we possibly know and love who would be locked up…. I refuse to dance on anyone’s grave out of respect for thier family and friends..”
    “For me, it is a question of respect, something that her policies and actions destroyed in a whole generation. These yuppies have passed this lack of respect on to further generations. For me to dance or even worse on her grave, as I have been invited to do this week, would mean I am joining in with this Thatcher culture of disrespect..”

  5. Mark L says>
    “..I was born in a Welsh mining community in the early 80s. I remember very well the stories of my parents who witness the havoc live.

    I didn’t vote for her, but I, and we ALL, still have to climb through the wreckage she has left behind. That’s presumably how she will become immortal. There are many people who seriously got the right to despise her! Or put it like this: what’s about the threefold principle?

    I didn’t wish her dead or anything. She passed away at a decent age (some didn’t because of her), ok. But giving her a military funeral or similar deserves anger. Why do people of Britain have to dance on her grave – to let everyone know we are not swallowing such bad politics anymore. I never seriously considered dancing the crazy chicken on her grave. This is a metaphor – a way the ‘ordinary people’ explain they want her to take her political heritage with her into her grave. This is rude and tasteless, yes, absolutely, you are right, but in many people’s opinions necessary and their motives are understandable. I really will dance (on my table) if her military funeral will be cancelled due to public protest – that would be democratic. And there are millions of British shouting for this to happen. But will our democracy listen to us?

    The fact she got legally elected does neither justify what she did, nor free her from facing consequences. I was too young, I had no chance to protest against her, BUT I am suffering from her damage, too, so I take this chance now to protest.

    Legally elected, and, so what? Only because the name democracy is written on top, it doesn’t mean this is going to favour human rights. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Well done, democracy. Hitler got democratically elected too!..”

  6. Spending a huge amount on a state funeral for her ..or anyone.. is (I agree) an utter waste of the Nation’s finances.. The PUBLIC should be contacting their local MP’s, sign petitions quickly..and take action that is going to go somewhere..rather than plan a silly protest..which will just be managed by police.. History shows..that all the other protests people (including me) did in London in recent decade never actually did anything to stop the politicians. So let’s get to the heart of this.. instead if wasting time on the past..and reacting 20 years too late for it.. WHAT do we DO NOW about the FUTURE?

  7. Ester says>
    “.. Personally, I don’t like to spread any form of hatred on mine or other people profiles (or anywhere else, for that matter)…. specially over someone that is already DEAD! I believe that if I dont have any sort of constructive comments, I wont write any…… I dont agree with the spending of our taxes on ANYONES funeral! If I have to pay for mine or my relatives funerals, then so should them…. So here goes the link for a petition to Privatise Thatcher’s Funeral, for those of you that are interested…..

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