Forget Jason Bourne. Here comes McHern..!

Everyone knows about my connections to Hern the Hunter..  right?  And the starting of Hern’s Tribe..    Well, what you may not know are some twists and turns in that story..  that stretches for 9 years+ now..

Last night I was working on some chapters ..of my forthcoming book series…and  was whimsically inspired to create the following `book covers’..

Click on pictures to see full versions of these…   🙂

 The Hern Identity – “When the Horned One possesses me, I am Hern..!”

The Hern Supremacy – ” There can only be One..” –

The Hern Ultimatum – “Justice is blind…but she will find you..sooner or later”

The Hern Legacy – “Protect the weak, and defend the innocent..”

ps. These are just `spoof’ cover works..   My forthcoming books have nothing to do with these by the way 🙂

-Mani `McHern’ Navasothy

My website for Esoteric Explorations, eBooks, projects – Mani Navasothy Esoteric Expert

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